Happy Mother’s Day

What does the discriminating scottie give her mama foe mothers day? 

Flowers?  No.

Chocolate? No

Dead Bunny Rabbit?  That’s better, but sooooo already done.

How about a walk and a history lesson?

So today I treated my mom to a walk around downtown around the next door city of LaSalle, Illinois. I told her how Lasalle was founded as the terminus of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, and from 1933 to 1953 was known as Little Reno, cause of  all the illegal gambling that filled the downtown on a Saturday night.

Law enforcement reportedly  looked the other way until the feds raided the gambling houses in 1953.  Downtown fell on hard times.

A popular place to stay was the Hotel Kaskaskia, which opened in 1915, and saw such famous guests as Amelia Earhart and Admiral Chester Nimitz. Hotel closed 15 years ago, and as you can tell us gonna take a lot of money to bring it back.

Here me and mama in front of the hotel today.



Anyway, Happy Mother’s day!

11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mothers Day mama. Ainsley what a lovely thought to take mama downtown and bring her up to speed with a history lesson. Oh dear, it is so sad when something with such an illustrious past can be allowed to fall into such disrepair. Hope they do something about it before it deteriorates much further.

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day to your mama! My kids watched me plant some flowers in front of our house. Also Arlo was very good on our walk this AM. The little things make me happy. Love your history lesson & hotel!

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