This Week’s Report

After a good week last week in the Rabbit Harvest at Angus Manor (Now Open Under New Management) in which I personally killed 3 bunnies, this week has been most disappointing.

With Mama actively trying to interfere with my bunny harvest (banging on the door before I go out to warn the bunnies) I have been reduced to just waiting under the willow tree (i.e.  The Killing Tree) for more bunnies to introduce themselves to the backyard.


So this morning, bright and early at 6 am at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises HQ, I got on a conference call with other Scottie associates around the world:


The news ain’t good.  Apparently, bunny harvests are down worldwide this week, based on the moaning and howling I was hearing and seeing…


So all the easy to find, backyard dumb bunnies have been found.  All that is apparently left are the smarter, more cunning frontyard bunnies.  We need government (and our Mamas) to get off the back of us bunny farmers, reduce the regulations and restrictions (and our leashes), and allow us to harvest these harvest to find frontyard bunnies.

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Report

  1. No bunnies this neck of the woods either. Mama must have been on the blower to Secretary of Bunnies here in Pretoria.!!

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  2. Perhaps the reason that there were so many easy bunnies was that it was bunny reproduction season (does that ever end?) and you got the babies. The veterans are left and wise to your moves.

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  3. Daisy Scottie here in Lincoln nabbed and killed a garter snake in her backyard. Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprise (now under new management) needs to send out an all snake, lizard and toad alert. Safety training and appropriate protection measures should be discussed.
    Thank you, Lt. Ainsley for your leadership and wisdom in leading the troops


  4. Our baby bunny is bigger now. Mom spotted him still in the backyard under a spruce tree. She tried to show it to Fergus but Fergus had a short attention span at that moment so bunny hopped off. She is thinking it is a fairer fight now.


  5. We don’t get bunnies at our house, just mices. But, my cousin Alex has a bunny in his backyard… He’s been trying to hunt him for MONTHS…. No success yet though…


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