After a good week last week in the Rabbit Harvest at Angus Manor (Now Open Under New Management) in which I personally killed 3 bunnies, this week has been most disappointing.

With Mama actively trying to interfere with my bunny harvest (banging on the door before I go out to warn the bunnies) I have been reduced to just waiting under the willow tree (i.e.  The Killing Tree) for more bunnies to introduce themselves to the backyard.


So this morning, bright and early at 6 am at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises HQ, I got on a conference call with other Scottie associates around the world:


The news ain’t good.  Apparently, bunny harvests are down worldwide this week, based on the moaning and howling I was hearing and seeing…


So all the easy to find, backyard dumb bunnies have been found.  All that is apparently left are the smarter, more cunning frontyard bunnies.  We need government (and our Mamas) to get off the back of us bunny farmers, reduce the regulations and restrictions (and our leashes), and allow us to harvest these harvest to find frontyard bunnies.