Today at Angus Fala Worldwide

Ms Mary, where is my 1 o’clock job  appointment?  That job applicant?


Well, Hello Mr Lab Puppy…good to meet you. Welcome to Angus Fala Worldwide


So tell me, what makes you Angus Fala material?


Ainsley ‘ s notes: just didn’t work out. I would up growling at him, he had the temerity to bark back.  These stoopid kids of today.

I guess now I will change the sign out front to say “No Labs!”  I will just use a magic marker to add it under “No Huskies and No Airedales and No Pitbulls and No Australian Shepherds and  No Dobermans  No Border Collies No Boxers”

16 thoughts on “Today at Angus Fala Worldwide

  1. That seems prudent Ainsley. As you know, you never really know if a direct report is going to be a good fit for at least 3 months. And you sniffed it out (no pun intended) right away. Great work. You saved the company the COH…..cost of hire..probably 3 large,($3,000) .

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  2. …. AND quite right too. Who would ever have had the temerity to send a brown fingy to reside at the Manor under new management, don’t forget? The gall of it all. Tsk

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  3. 2) ….. and to crown it all it is like one of those dogs you see in the back window of the cars (ages ago ie). Its head doesn’t stay still. Look the photos are not in focus. The head is bob,bob, bobbing along. Whatever were they thinking

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  4. This is just too perplexing and unnecessary in our opinion. Pennyandthecount sent a baby Scottie for the job the other day. Perfect fit and ready to work. Well you have to overlook the sweat shop factor in having one so young do hard labor.

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  5. I’d add to the sign, “NO Foo-Foo Dogs !. That’d get rid of poodles, pekes, poms, pugs, Chihuahuas, and whatever else is in the Dopey Class….Uncle Bob

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  6. Hey…how about a new sign that read “ONLY SCOTTIES NEED APPLY”….that should take care of unsighty and rude characters!

    The Mad Scots

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