Happy Times at Monticello in Charlottesville Virginia October 2013 (Thomas Jefferson’s house) – Mama, me, Hooman sis (who interned there), and me. Angus thoroughly enjoyed the trip, but flummoxed the tour guide when he asked to see Thomas Jefferson’s basement sump pump. (you’d think they would be trained to field such a common request, wouldn’t you????)

Last week we made a momentous decision at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises.  We deactivated the Facebook Account of my late brother Angus’s, the founder of Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises.

The vote was 1 aye (me), 0 nays, and 1 abstaining (Mr. Bear).  Mr Bear made the media rounds today, explaining the decision.   Here he is at a local radio station, WALLS 102, on the Doghouse Morning Show (no joking, that’s the name of the show) this morning.

2015 June Mr Bear Interview

Mr. Bear being interviewed by Sweet V on WALLS 102, June 17, 2015

Some of you are asking why.  Simple – we wanted to make the decision ourselves, on the time and date of our own choosing – and not some unexpected day when Lord Zuckerberg and his minions decide to pull Angus’s account.  And we just thought it was time to let his Facebook go.  Our team of I.T. specialists at Angus Fala Worldwide noted a decline in account views, so we figured last week was right.

So what happened to all the pictures?  Don’t fret, loyal patron of Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises.  All the pictures have been backed up, and safely stored deep underground in the Temperature controlled, Zombie Repellent Vault on a server physically protected by a team of devil balls, and internet protected by the latest security protections as designed by the finest technological brains that Target Corporation, Sony Pictures, and the U.S. Government have to offer.  (hmmmm…on second thought, maybe I should unplug the ethernet cord going to the server)

Angus Passport

Among the documents secured in our hardened storage facility

I hope that you will understand and respect the decision of me and the board.  And thank you for your local patronage of Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises.

Yours Truly,

Lt. Ainsley McKenna (Captain Rank Pending)
CEO, Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises.