After the momentous and important (and correct) decision by me, Ainsley McKenna, CEO of Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises last week to pull my late great brother (and Angus Fala Worldwide Founder) Angus’s Facebook account, I’ve had loyal patrons of Angus Fala Worldwide request specific videos.  So here below, I am going to post some of those that were requested yesterday – since they might be harder to find, since Angus’s Facebook site is gone.

First off, the first one ever.  Recorded back in 2006, when Angus was only 5, and put on Youtube before Youtube became such a sensation.  I present “Angus and the Uh Oh” – because it was posted so early on Facebook, and before most Scottie videos were ever filmed, it has the most views of any of his videos…it has at last count, like 53,000 views.

Next, is a video that is a personal favorite of Mama – you get the full craziness that is Angus.  It is Angus versus the Statue of the Horse (and Catman wants to add for the record it was recorded BEFORE it became illegal in Illinois to use a Cellphone while driving – plus, he was actually using a camera that day, not a Cellphone, so TAKE THAT Illinois State Police Trooper who pulled us over last week!).  Incidentally, I hate the statue as well, though I don’t grab seat belts and give them the Scottie death shake like Angus did.  (when we traded that van in, there were questions about all the tooth holes in the shoulder harness of all the seat belts…and many an unsuspecting rider was surprised when we rode by the horse, and all of a sudden their shoulder harness was YANKED backwards as Angus grabbed it)

Next, a video that someone requested yesterday….Angus on July 4th of 2014 (and a video in which I, like Alfred Hitchcock, makes a rare YouTube appearance).

Finally, a couple of more videos requested yesterday…

from 2008, Angus vs the Water Hose

and from early 2010 Angus Vs. the Goofy Dance (I was born by then, and living at our breeder in Wisconsin still, but Angus didn’t know me when this video was filmed)

That’s your film presentation for today.  Someone remarked yesterday about Angus’s sense of Humor…actually, Angus had zero sense of humor and zero whimsy and foolishness.  He was all Scottie Business All the time.  And if you think about it, that is the common theme of all these films…and I think why some of you liked them so.  You see your own Scottie in Angus’s behaviors.

Anyway, that’s what I think anyway.

Lt. Ainsley McKenna (Captain Rank Pending)

CEO, Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

P.S. – one more, my personal favorite…

Oh, and someone requested the Battery Operated Ball one.  I forget this one…