Mobile Patrol Tactics – Advanced


To the simple hooman, this is just a Scottie who sees a Husky. But to the advanced Scottie who has attended and successfully completed my “Ainsley ‘ s 7 Habits of Successful Scottie Mobile Patrolling” seminar, you will note the one paw dashboard balance, which is certainly something you shouldn’t try at home until you have years of experience, like I, going every day, 365 days a year for 5 years, to McDonalds.

Also, note the intense focused expression.  The successful mobile patrolling scottie knows you need to be concentrating at all times.

And for advance credit, to what looks like simple scottie nose art on the window to my right, the accomplished patroller  will notice it isn’t simple at all. It’s advance drawings and diagrams of the order of the day and recon maps, along with of course, copious amounts of Scottie nose drippings.

See you out there on the roads.

Lt Ainsley McKenna (Captain Rank Pending)

9 thoughts on “Mobile Patrol Tactics – Advanced

  1. Damn girl, you need to be promoted, PRONTO ! Mama and I still think July 4 th would be the perfect date…..and all that historical stuff, it’s calling your name, rank & serial number. Yrs devotedly, oops, I mean HOOYAH, SB

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  2. HOOYAH!!!! Lt Ainsley McKenna (Captain Rank Pending). I was just going to ask what it is from McDonalds that floats your boat that you have to go there 365 times a year and for the last 5 years? I see that Kismet also asked the same question. I wonder if they have $1 sodas down here in South Africa. What flavour does Catman get? I have never been to McDonalds !!! (under my breath: Should I even be mentioning this?)

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    1. We go to Micky D’s for the occasional Egg McMuffin, We think you like the early am patrol and Catman one on one time. But that’s just our thought. Got to get a good start to your day at Angus Worldwide Enterprises (under new management).

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