While the Scottie’s away, The Bunnies will Play

2015JuneAinsleyAuntJudyLast Night, I traveled to the Aunt Judy Inn – And got to dine on some most excellent chicken.

But, while I was away, my staff took the following pictures of my backyard sentry area….

2015Junebunny1 2015Junebunny2

3 Bunnies in my yard while I was gone!  Obviously, there to pay respects to their loved ones at the  Bunny Memorial National Cemetery.  But still!  The Nerve of them to be visiting while the Cemetery is closed!

14 thoughts on “While the Scottie’s away, The Bunnies will Play

  1. The minute you turn your back…We have bunnies of all sizes here from big to little. The real excitement this morning came from two baby raccoons who were thinking about crossing the road but were distracted by our acoustic salvos. They tried climbing a tree twice and then in a last ditch effort made a run across the yard to the nature preserve next door.

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  2. When the Scottie”s away the bunny will play; When the Scottie returns, the bunny is unconcerned. Proven fact in Lucy and Indy’s sector.

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  3. Isn’t it i teresting that the bunnies invade and all the hoomans, or was it Da Bear , at AFWE do is take pictures to document the interlopers infiltration of your Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises headquarters? I am suggesting a shakedown of the highest order! Someone must be held accountable! I realize that good help is hard to find but, seriously, three bunnies? That’s a herd of bunnies, rumping, cavorting, eating Who knows what and leaving behind little round pellets of you know what! Maybe you are a kinder, gentler leader, but OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

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  4. There’s a whole lot of bunnies here but the dogs aren’t allowed to go out without leashes. They are allowed to dream about it and bark through the window. It’s a good thing because the dogs also try to get birds-say what????

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  5. The nerve of them bunnies !! They simply have no class entering the Angus Manor (Under New Management) when the owner is not in residence at the time. What’s more I would give the staff there a severe dressing down for not doing anything about reporting it to you at the time. Hmpfff….. don’t know what this world is coming to.


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