Happy July 4th!

I was thinking that this will be the first July 4th I have celebrated without my late great brother, Angus Fala.

Looking through some old July 4th pics, and I was drawn to maybe the best July 4th I have had – yet.  The visit back in 2012 to Chicago to see our friends Ficelle, Bella, Bee Bee, Handsome Jack, and our hostess, the Princess herself, Peyton.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria.  What a swanky place.  On the ride though, Mama fell asleep, and I had to maintain my vigil.  (Mama will hate this picture, so don’t tell her I posted it)


The way up on the elevator was scary.  It is weird getting in a little room, and when you leave it is a totally different smell.  I’m used to it by now, but this, being my first elevator ride, was weird.

Me on left, Angus on Right

then the room….what a view…


I could look out of it forever.  And I practically did, for about 24 hours.  Here’s 30 seconds – see how intent and focused I am?

Even Angus looked outside…though he wasn’t as enthralled about the view as I was

– Angus –

went out to the park to do our bidness.  It was hot!  But we enjoyed the new smells and the excitement

– Angus foreground, me in the pink collar –

Back in the room.  HOT!  The nice bathroom tile floor feels great!


Waiting for our meal…this is Angus

– Angus waiting –

– Angus and his steak! –

Room Service!

Mama went to a show.  We walked around the city while she attended.  I remember one Italian tourist couple stopped us on Michigan Avenue,and said “ohhh…the best dogs in Chicago” and stooped down to pet us. While normally I was the friendly one, I backed up like 5 feet.  Uh oh, you ain’t touching me!  But Angus saved the moment, and let them pat him on the head.  Always the politician he was!

– Water Tower, on Michigan Avenue. I’m in the foreground –

Tired…time for bed!


July 4th was the big day!  The big Meet and Growl at Princess Peyton’s castle in Chicago!  We were going to meet Princess Peyton – her new brother, Handsome Jack.  Our close friends from behind the cheddar curtain, Bella and Bee Bee.  And our special guest from Canada, Ficelle!


On the elevator down to the car – Angus all decked out in his patriotic bandana.  Our first stop was the Palmer House Hilton to pick up Ficelle and her staff.

At Princess Peyton’s – everyone here socializing, except Angus.


And what Scottie get-together would be complete without the obligatory group photo op!

– from left, Ficelle, me, Angus on floor, Handsome Jack, Princess Peyton, Bella and Bee Bee. –

And one more shot before we leave – Angus giving Ficelle a talking too about her worthless Border Terrier Boyfriend, Dusty Winter!  But Ficelle didn’t want to hear about it.


Back home at Angus Manor the night of the July 4th.  Boy, were we tired….


I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.  I will be thinking a lot about my brother this weekend, but I am sure glad we had Chicago, 2012!

Lt. Ainsley McKenna (Captain Rank Pending)

22 thoughts on “Happy July 4th!

  1. What a lovely time it was with Angus. You do not live that far from me. Let me know when you decide to have a Seminar or a Webinar… Happy 4th!

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  2. It’s almost like you were Eloise and her brother at the Plaza! Glad Angus allowed himself to be petted. Love his room service steak, and your focus at the view… I adore views like that too. We just got back from Mama’s home town, Philadelphia. She gets all hived up ( she says stimulated), when we’re are in a major city. So glad you could plan a big throw down with your friends…extra happy Ficelle was in town. The stuff most excellent memories are made of! My Mama married my PawPaw two different times, but both on the 4 th of July, so like Linda, she gets quiet & reflective. You, Ficelle, Indy & Lucy I would so like to meet….Mama would too. Hope the fireworks won’t bother you.. SB

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  3. We are glad you had the Fourth of July in Chicago in 2012 too. Mom gets a lump in her throat and wet eyes when she goes down memory lane. Time moves on but you can never take the memories away, too many photos to do that. We are happy you shared this good time with us.

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      1. Can never have too many pics of Angus! Haagis McAttitude’s hooman was blathering on about something and Mama wrote……”enough about you, we all miss Haagis. How is he? ” We hope he’s ok, let’s see if his peeps answers. Mama can be so blunt…….

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  4. Aww thank you Lt Ainsley McKenna (Captain Rank Pending) for sharing all these wonderful memories of Angus. I hope you are not going to put Angus’ photos too far away. It is one of the ‘firsts’ since Angus passed away and the ‘firsts’ are always so difficult to get through. It is also sad for us because Angus was a very big part of our lives. I too have moist eyes today. Thinking of you all with much love

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  5. What a nice tribute to Angus. He was a dog among dogs! You and Angus are two well traveled pooches! I enjoy chi-town too – awesome city. But have never taken Scout and Abby. We will have to pick your brain as to the best dog friendly places to stay! Happy Fourth sweetie!


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