Aunt Judy Inn Resort and Spa

Greetings All!

I’ve been busier than the proverbial 1 legged Scottie in a Siberian Husky’s butt kicking contest, so I haven’t written lately.  Last week, Mama went to the Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Mayo Clinic to see about her headaches,and I had reservations at the Aunt Judy Inn Resort and Spa.

The meal preparation is excellent – and if for some reason, you have trouble working up an appetite, the artwork on the way to the dining room will really get the ol’ digestive juices flowing!

Painting I pass by on my way to the dining room

So the first night, I dined on a main course of lamb:

Baa Baa Delicious Sheep, have you any more meat???

And followed it with dessert that included my late brother Angus’s favorite, VANILLA ICE CREAM!

Dessert 2

Then the next day, for lunch, I dined on Lamb and Chicken Crunchies:

Dinner 2

So I heartily recommend Aunt Judy Inn Resort and Spa…HOWEVER…I had to deduct a star, because midway through my visit, Aunt Judy bathed me, gave me a pawdicure, and then brushed me!  I noted my displeasure in my comment card, and my Yelp Yelp Yelp Review.  However, afterwards, I did look good when relaxing on the front veranda.

Ainsley watchubf

Well, that is it for now….I will try to write again soon.  But first, where is that Siberian Husky?  I still have more butts to kick!

Ainsley McKenna

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  1. Sending good vibes to Mama, hang in there’s to Catman and lots of love and thank you’s to Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob. We always wonder what is up when you are not around for awhile.

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    1. Kismet, are you on FB? The Aunt Judy & Uncle Bob Inn is a pretty awesome establishment. It’s like Ainsley’s second home. So we think Ainsley doth protestesth too much about the abolutions…..all part of her Spa treatment……..


  2. I was getting really war-ried about you all. There was a deathly hush from your neck of the woods. I so hope the tomato, lettuce and mayo clinic can get to the bottom of mama’s horrible headaches and give her some lasting relief. Hugs to Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob and despite the unexpected bath and brush, you don’t look to bad on it. As for those scrumptious meals……..well!!

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  3. You’re treated like a Queen at aunt Judy ‘s inn. A bath is only a little inconvenience. Hope mom finds out the trouble with the headaches. Botox is being used for severe headaches

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