Baby Angus Comes Home

If you will indulge me, I would like to continue my journey through my newly found stash of pictures when Angus came home back in 2001.   Some of you may find this maudlin and boring, but I know some of you who knew him personally, or through these pages, might find it of some interest, perhaps.

Angus was picked up Father’s Day of 2001.  The day before, Hooman sis, Mama, and Catman went to Chicago, where Hooman sis and Mama attended an ‘N Sync concert.   ‘N Sync, or so I am told, was quite the popular item – kinda like the One Direction of their time.  Anyway, here is Angus and Hooman Sis coming home from Wisconsin…

Going Home
(I’ve told you before, you can blow any pic up by clicking on it – this is the last time I am going to go over this for you!)

Angus then got to drink a little water.  Kind of apropos since he would get Cushings Disease and drink copious amounts of water about 10 years later.

Drinking Water

And no wonder Angus always cherished his sister Lady.  Here she is tending to him while he is in his crate (and no, he didn’t tolerate being in the crate long!)

Angus and Lady

And here he is, obviously just a little older, with ears that have raised up. Instituting what would be a precursor to his patented Zone of Hostility, this time, with Pickles the Cat (notice the puppy paw prints on the laundry room floor too)…the Scottitude is very strong in this one, it is, as Yoda might say.

Angus versus Pickles

Yoda would come up later too….here is Angus dressed up in his ahem, beloved, Yoda outfit back in September of 2014, when he was 13 years old…

DSCN0299 DSCN0305

Somehow, I don’t think Angus liked the outfit very much…


Anyway, excuse my indulgence.  I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled programming (everything about me, me and me) very soon.

Captain Ainsley McKenna

Exciting News Yesterday

Yesterday was quite exciting!

First off, I got to go to Starved Rock State Park!  A nice long hike, and only one group said I was a Schnauzer…that’s progress!

THEN, we went to my hooman cousin Summer’s house, to meet their new pup, an Australian Shepard named Juno.

But first, I had to give their horses a glaring of a lifetime….

August 29 Horse and Ainsley
(you do know you can blow these pictures up and see them better by clicking on them don’t you? You can always do that. I’m not gonna tell ya again. Ainsley)

Then, I met the new pup…

2015 August 29 Juno Ainsley

BUT, that’s not the exciting news.   We were going through some old pictures, and found pictures from Angus’s GOTCHA DAY, back on Father’s Day of 2001!  We thought these pics were lost forever.

Here’s Baby Angus…pics you, nor me, have EVER seen before…


BUT WAIT, it gets better!

We had pics with Angus and Angus’s Mama, right before he left her forever, sniff…and Remember, this is my GRANDMOTHER, since Angus’s full brother is my Daddy!


And then, we have pictures of Angus saying Goodbye forever to his Daddy, My GRANDPA!


And pictures of Angus’s Homecoming with his soon to be Best Friend Forever, Lady.  Look How Small Angus is…his ears aren’t even up yet!


And in case you forgot, compare these pics to Angus as an Old Man, just this year before he went to the Bridge (where he now joins Lady, his Mama, and his Daddy)


ISN”T THAT EXCITING!  I am so thrilled to find these pictures!

Oh, and Mama got word that we are picking up the new Golden Pup, who Mama is naming Cary Grant, on October 15th.



Dear Late Great Brother Angus:

I hear the Perseid Meteor Shower peaked last night.

Word on the street is that you closed early the Angus Fala Boiled Egg and Ice Cream Parlor at the corner of Stoic Street and Stubborn Avenue right in the heart of TerrierTown at Rainbow Bridge.  And then you took the subway, the RRT (the Rainbow Bridge Rapid Transit System) and headed out to Meadow Park, where you watched the shower.  I hear the view is excellent of the nighttime skies at the Rainbow Bridge.  Very close indeed.

I remember that you always did like looking at the sky.


Enjoy the Lightshow, brother!

From Earth, Your Scottie Sister

Captain Ainsley McKenna, CEO

Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

A new brother perhaps?


— Time for a trip behind the Cheddar Curtain for the hooman staff and me and Mr. Bear.  Mr. Bear has claimed shotgun, and I got the prime good visibility acoustic salvo firing position. –

Since Angus has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, it has been quite the debate at The Ainsley Institute of Scientific Studies and Advanced Bunny Killing on a new canine staffer for me.  Catman, aka Daddy, is arguing for another Scottie – while Mama wants a Golden Retriever, like they had for nearly 15 years in the 90’s and 00’s.  Personally, I liked just being a solitary soldier.

However, Mama has apparently won the discussion.  She found a breeder behind the Cheddar Curtain in my home state of Wisconsin who might – might – have pups available late this year.

All that will be required will be a multipage questionairre, complete with essay, pictures describing the Ainsley Insitute (why they can’t just read my blog, I don’t know – but Mama made me swear that under no circumstances will we reveal the existence of my blog to the breeder, for some crazy reason).  And we must send in a deposit.  Then, we have to go behind the cheddar curtain in a few days for an interview/interrogation from the breeder.

– my conception of what the breeder’s interview/interrogation room will look like, minus the waterboarding and electric shock apparatus, which they wheel in later –

Oh, and did I mention the price?  Well, let’s just say the Golden must not have Golden fur, but Gold Plated Armor, cause he will be quite pricy!  But come to think of it, Gold Armor might come in handy on my patrols.  He can take the acoustic salvo fire, and I can think sneak behind the assailants like a short legged brindle PBARCC and Google wearing ninja!

So this might work out after all.


Captain Ainsley McKenna

The Ainsley Guide to Fine Dining

New edition of the Ainsley Guide to Fine Dining has just been released.

The Highlights – once again, McDonald’s gets five stars.  And moving up from four to five stars is the Aunt Judy Inn, Grill, and Resort.

In fact, I just had the opportunity to stay there on a day-visit this past Saturday.  I let my staff take the day off, and they went to see the Mission Impossible Movie (don’t know why they need to see a movie called “Mission Impossible” – maybe it reminded them of taking me to obedience training – but I digress).

Anyway, my stay at the Aunt Judy Inn was most enjoyable.   She decided to not do that bath thing that caused her to lose a star last time.  I had an 11 am check in time, just in time for lunch.  We had a good lunch of  hard boiled egg, chicken salad, and dog food kibble sprinkles.


After lunch, I had a restful time on the porch, glaring at the people and animals passing by between snoozes –


Then, Uncle Bob caught a most excellent bunny….

Rabbit trapUnfortunately, I didn’t get to kill this bunny.

But I did kill a bunny while I was at the Inn – WARNING – Graphic Photo to follow….

Bunny deathThen, it was time for dinner – hard boiled egg and sprinkles.

Egg dish

Then, a little relaxing, waiting for the staff to arrive at 7 pm and return me back to The Ainsley Institute of Scientific Studies and Advanced Bunny Killing.


So, I heartily recommend the Aunt Judy Inn.  As long as she doesn’t give me a bath.

Today at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

2015 August 6 AFWE Board Meeting


Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

Management Meeting, August 6, 2015

Conference Room, Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

Attendees: Captain Ainsley McKenna, Chief Executive Officer

                    Mr. Biggie Bear, Unpaid Intern

                    Little Barack Obama, Commander in Chief, United States of America

Current Business:

                   Reading of correspondence from Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York Rescue which notifies us of a generous donation in honor of our founder and former CEO, the Late Great Angus Fala, from Cheryl Fugate.  Unanimous approval from our board of directors expressing appreciation to Cheryl Fugate for her generosity, and the New York Scottie Rescue for the wonderful work they do.

                   Review of last week’s Baby Bunny Harvest Numbers

Future Business:

                   Approval of a new book by Angus Fala Publishing Company, “The Power of Paranoid Thinking” by Ainsley McKenna

                   New Land Acquisition for future planned expansion of the Bunny Memorial National Cemetery

Meeting Adjourned, next meeting scheduled for Friday, August 21, 2015, in Toledo, Ohio.

A stranger calls

I spy a visitor walking up the walkway to The Ainsley Institute of Scientific Study and Advanced Bunny Killing (Formerly  Angus Manor).

I hope it is a friendly social call and not some sort of religious zealot or door to door chocolate salesman for some dubious youth sports team.