New edition of the Ainsley Guide to Fine Dining has just been released.

The Highlights – once again, McDonald’s gets five stars.  And moving up from four to five stars is the Aunt Judy Inn, Grill, and Resort.

In fact, I just had the opportunity to stay there on a day-visit this past Saturday.  I let my staff take the day off, and they went to see the Mission Impossible Movie (don’t know why they need to see a movie called “Mission Impossible” – maybe it reminded them of taking me to obedience training – but I digress).

Anyway, my stay at the Aunt Judy Inn was most enjoyable.   She decided to not do that bath thing that caused her to lose a star last time.  I had an 11 am check in time, just in time for lunch.  We had a good lunch of  hard boiled egg, chicken salad, and dog food kibble sprinkles.


After lunch, I had a restful time on the porch, glaring at the people and animals passing by between snoozes –


Then, Uncle Bob caught a most excellent bunny….

Rabbit trapUnfortunately, I didn’t get to kill this bunny.

But I did kill a bunny while I was at the Inn – WARNING – Graphic Photo to follow….

Bunny deathThen, it was time for dinner – hard boiled egg and sprinkles.

Egg dish

Then, a little relaxing, waiting for the staff to arrive at 7 pm and return me back to The Ainsley Institute of Scientific Studies and Advanced Bunny Killing.


So, I heartily recommend the Aunt Judy Inn.  As long as she doesn’t give me a bath.