The Ainsley Guide to Fine Dining

New edition of the Ainsley Guide to Fine Dining has just been released.

The Highlights – once again, McDonald’s gets five stars.  And moving up from four to five stars is the Aunt Judy Inn, Grill, and Resort.

In fact, I just had the opportunity to stay there on a day-visit this past Saturday.  I let my staff take the day off, and they went to see the Mission Impossible Movie (don’t know why they need to see a movie called “Mission Impossible” – maybe it reminded them of taking me to obedience training – but I digress).

Anyway, my stay at the Aunt Judy Inn was most enjoyable.   She decided to not do that bath thing that caused her to lose a star last time.  I had an 11 am check in time, just in time for lunch.  We had a good lunch of  hard boiled egg, chicken salad, and dog food kibble sprinkles.


After lunch, I had a restful time on the porch, glaring at the people and animals passing by between snoozes –


Then, Uncle Bob caught a most excellent bunny….

Rabbit trapUnfortunately, I didn’t get to kill this bunny.

But I did kill a bunny while I was at the Inn – WARNING – Graphic Photo to follow….

Bunny deathThen, it was time for dinner – hard boiled egg and sprinkles.

Egg dish

Then, a little relaxing, waiting for the staff to arrive at 7 pm and return me back to The Ainsley Institute of Scientific Studies and Advanced Bunny Killing.


So, I heartily recommend the Aunt Judy Inn.  As long as she doesn’t give me a bath.

12 thoughts on “The Ainsley Guide to Fine Dining

  1. Wow, that’s a big bunny Uncle Bob caught. Of course, yours is awesome too. We didn’t know you could trap bunnies like that. We had a raccoon in our yard this morning. Dad is going to trap it.

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    1. Tell Dad it could be rabid so if it gets caught up maybe call game people to release it or check it. Our news is telling about lots of rabid animals in our area.

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  2. That is one big bunny in that kennel. We thinks he needs a blankie and pillow tho. Your kibble and egg look pawsome. You are rating high to be getting eggs as they are almost too expensive to eat around here.

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  3. Thank Dog! We can all rest easily, knowing Aunt Judy upped her game, and you responded, ever so graciously, we might add. Mama’s paranoid personality has rubbed off on me….watch out for rabid bunnies, raccoons, squirrels (Ficelle, talking to you here girlfriend), et al. Mama boiled some eggs yesterday. I know a few are for me.
    Your pal, SB

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  4. You’ve made your point loud and clear Ainsley. I don’t think they will go down that road again….well at least not for a long while. I can see why you recommend the food at the Inn. The Cairnsmores would certainly like a visit there. It take it you approve of Uncle Bob catching the bunnies in a cage before any other ‘bunny hunters’ can get hold of them??

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