A new brother perhaps?


— Time for a trip behind the Cheddar Curtain for the hooman staff and me and Mr. Bear.  Mr. Bear has claimed shotgun, and I got the prime good visibility acoustic salvo firing position. –

Since Angus has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, it has been quite the debate at The Ainsley Institute of Scientific Studies and Advanced Bunny Killing on a new canine staffer for me.  Catman, aka Daddy, is arguing for another Scottie – while Mama wants a Golden Retriever, like they had for nearly 15 years in the 90’s and 00’s.  Personally, I liked just being a solitary soldier.

However, Mama has apparently won the discussion.  She found a breeder behind the Cheddar Curtain in my home state of Wisconsin who might – might – have pups available late this year.

All that will be required will be a multipage questionairre, complete with essay, pictures describing the Ainsley Insitute (why they can’t just read my blog, I don’t know – but Mama made me swear that under no circumstances will we reveal the existence of my blog to the breeder, for some crazy reason).  And we must send in a deposit.  Then, we have to go behind the cheddar curtain in a few days for an interview/interrogation from the breeder.

– my conception of what the breeder’s interview/interrogation room will look like, minus the waterboarding and electric shock apparatus, which they wheel in later –

Oh, and did I mention the price?  Well, let’s just say the Golden must not have Golden fur, but Gold Plated Armor, cause he will be quite pricy!  But come to think of it, Gold Armor might come in handy on my patrols.  He can take the acoustic salvo fire, and I can think sneak behind the assailants like a short legged brindle PBARCC and Google wearing ninja!

So this might work out after all.


Captain Ainsley McKenna

12 thoughts on “A new brother perhaps?

  1. Save some cash and rescue a dog who desperately needs a good home. There are Golden rescue groups and Scottie rescue groups. I don’t know about bear rescue-I think they existed once but all the humans were eaten.

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  2. You always make me laugh!!! Thanks for the chuckle and I’m SO excited for the new addition!!! Just think, you can break him in right from the start. Mold him, if you will. There’s a lot of good potential here Captain.

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  3. Having read your blog and given it long and considerable thought I think you are right to consider a tall new staffer for the institute. It is quite clear that Mr Bear is less than useful and at best can only serve as a distraction to the enemy. This new ‘golden’ staffer would for starters dazzle the enemy, can then fire acoustic salvos allowing you to dart in for the kill…..excuse the pun if bunnies are involved. You will however have to train him right from the get go and make him aware at all times where his position is and always will be in the hierarchy of the Ainsley Institute of Scientific Studies and Advanced Bunny Killing. BTW you are right when you say that good staff don’t come cheap these days. !!

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  4. We began our formative years in the company of three separate Irish Setters. We then opened our doors to a Westie. Five Scotties later, and we are the surrogates to Ainsley. I’m sure we can welcome any canine at the Inn. We stand firm on one thing, however. NO CATS……………….Uncle Bob

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  5. Our very first brother Dande, back in 76, had a German Shepherd Dog as a brother. Quite the pair. We have only known other Scotties for siblings though. Our Mama says a tip for you all when you head up behind the cheddar curtain is to be in some kind of containment device. Breeders are super picky and that may be a condition of adoption. We take it that Mr. Bear has promised to be at his best as he is being allowed to partake in the experience?

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