Dear Late Great Brother Angus:

I hear the Perseid Meteor Shower peaked last night.

Word on the street is that you closed early the Angus Fala Boiled Egg and Ice Cream Parlor at the corner of Stoic Street and Stubborn Avenue right in the heart of TerrierTown at Rainbow Bridge.  And then you took the subway, the RRT (the Rainbow Bridge Rapid Transit System) and headed out to Meadow Park, where you watched the shower.  I hear the view is excellent of the nighttime skies at the Rainbow Bridge.  Very close indeed.

I remember that you always did like looking at the sky.


Enjoy the Lightshow, brother!

From Earth, Your Scottie Sister

Captain Ainsley McKenna, CEO

Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

20 thoughts on “Meteors?

  1. And so say all of us! I’m glad to know that Rory and Fiona were right there with him. I wonder what they all thought when the three of them showed up there at the same time?!

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    1. Word on the street is Rory likes to jump the turnstiles on the Rainbow Bridge Rapid Transit System. Angus is disappointed in you because you evidently you didn’t have a talk with him about this when he was a pup. Fiona is the model of decorum when riding the subway. Even getting up and letting the elderly dogs have a seat when the train is crowded. That’s what I hear, anyway.

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  2. Ooh Ainsley, please let us known how he enjoyed to spectacle and what he thought of it. We are sure you will hear from him soon. I hear that most of the shop owners at the RB only work half day. I am sure Sgt Angus would be one of those.

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    1. it took a lot for Angus to close early. Wednesday night is a big night at the parlor – lots of churchgoers come by after Wednesday night service. And everybody is a true believer at the Rainbow Bridge. Kinda goes without saying, if you think about it.

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  3. Mama sez to ask you this Ainsley: As many times as she has looked at this much beloved photo, and either laughed or cried, this time she wondered if the Dishes behind Angus belong to Catman and Mama’s Empire? Mama has had a busy morning with a plumber, culminating with her going to the Plumbing Supply house, getting a new tioilet seat and installing it herself, so she is feeling very mechanically minded today (those impulses will be gone by tomorrow).

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  4. We wondered if that light show was really the RB Scotties having a summer party. Still think that is a possibility as it was more than gorgeous!!!

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