Yesterday was quite exciting!

First off, I got to go to Starved Rock State Park!  A nice long hike, and only one group said I was a Schnauzer…that’s progress!

THEN, we went to my hooman cousin Summer’s house, to meet their new pup, an Australian Shepard named Juno.

But first, I had to give their horses a glaring of a lifetime….

August 29 Horse and Ainsley

(you do know you can blow these pictures up and see them better by clicking on them don’t you? You can always do that. I’m not gonna tell ya again. Ainsley)

Then, I met the new pup…

2015 August 29 Juno Ainsley

BUT, that’s not the exciting news.   We were going through some old pictures, and found pictures from Angus’s GOTCHA DAY, back on Father’s Day of 2001!  We thought these pics were lost forever.

Here’s Baby Angus…pics you, nor me, have EVER seen before…


BUT WAIT, it gets better!

We had pics with Angus and Angus’s Mama, right before he left her forever, sniff…and Remember, this is my GRANDMOTHER, since Angus’s full brother is my Daddy!


And then, we have pictures of Angus saying Goodbye forever to his Daddy, My GRANDPA!


And pictures of Angus’s Homecoming with his soon to be Best Friend Forever, Lady.  Look How Small Angus is…his ears aren’t even up yet!


And in case you forgot, compare these pics to Angus as an Old Man, just this year before he went to the Bridge (where he now joins Lady, his Mama, and his Daddy)


ISN”T THAT EXCITING!  I am so thrilled to find these pictures!

Oh, and Mama got word that we are picking up the new Golden Pup, who Mama is naming Cary Grant, on October 15th.