Baby Angus Comes Home

If you will indulge me, I would like to continue my journey through my newly found stash of pictures when Angus came home back in 2001.   Some of you may find this maudlin and boring, but I know some of you who knew him personally, or through these pages, might find it of some interest, perhaps.

Angus was picked up Father’s Day of 2001.  The day before, Hooman sis, Mama, and Catman went to Chicago, where Hooman sis and Mama attended an ‘N Sync concert.   ‘N Sync, or so I am told, was quite the popular item – kinda like the One Direction of their time.  Anyway, here is Angus and Hooman Sis coming home from Wisconsin…

Going Home
(I’ve told you before, you can blow any pic up by clicking on it – this is the last time I am going to go over this for you!)

Angus then got to drink a little water.  Kind of apropos since he would get Cushings Disease and drink copious amounts of water about 10 years later.

Drinking Water

And no wonder Angus always cherished his sister Lady.  Here she is tending to him while he is in his crate (and no, he didn’t tolerate being in the crate long!)

Angus and Lady

And here he is, obviously just a little older, with ears that have raised up. Instituting what would be a precursor to his patented Zone of Hostility, this time, with Pickles the Cat (notice the puppy paw prints on the laundry room floor too)…the Scottitude is very strong in this one, it is, as Yoda might say.

Angus versus Pickles

Yoda would come up later too….here is Angus dressed up in his ahem, beloved, Yoda outfit back in September of 2014, when he was 13 years old…

DSCN0299 DSCN0305

Somehow, I don’t think Angus liked the outfit very much…


Anyway, excuse my indulgence.  I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled programming (everything about me, me and me) very soon.

Captain Ainsley McKenna

13 thoughts on “Baby Angus Comes Home

  1. Thank you for sharing Ainsley! We just love jumping in the time machine with you – memories are truly the best part of living! I’m sure Angus was up there not over thrilled that his “Yoda” picture was posted once again, however, we all enjoyed them – you are a great sister.

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  2. Awwww Ainsley these are so precious. He was a legend. Please keep all these memories alive and share each and every one with us. xxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That teeny tiny baby Angus in the crate is unbelievable. The toy is bigger than him. Lady was surely a lady to take care of him. All that Scotitude from such a wee soul….thanks so much….

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