Well, friends, it’s time to say goodbye to a friend.

Goodbye to the AngusMobile.

Today is the last day.  I took my last ride in her to McDonald’s and then to the country to bark at cows.

It’s been a good vehicle.

It was the vehicle I first came home in on my Gotcha day back on Mother’s Day, 2010.

It took me and Angus to the dog park too many times to count.

It was the vehicle we all took for the big Pitbull battle of 2011.  And the vehicle I took back when I took sweet sweet revenge against the Pitbulls back just this Summer.

It took me to McDonald’s just about every day since 2010, and then to bark at cows.

It took us all to the East Coast, where we saw Ty and Ivy in Clifton, Ohio, and then to Charlottesville, Virginia, to meet sis, Diablo Uno and Diablo Dos, and tour Monticello.

It took us to Chicago many times – to see the late great Caymus…and then Pippen  and Handsome Jack – Bella and Bee Bee, and Lucy, and also we picked up Ficelle at her hotel in the AngusMobile and took her to see Pippen and Jacque.

We took it to see Zorro, and Patch, and Buttons, and Pierre, and Laci, and the world’s cutest dog, Niqqi.

It took us St. Louis – to meet Duffy. Where we gave that husky a barking at a lifetime at the Museum of the Dog.  Then on the way back to the hotel, we got caught up in a bunch of hippies protesting, and they surrounded the van.  Boy, they made Angus mad.

It carried many a distinguished guests – in safety and comfort.  Like Beril, and Penny and the Count’s Hoomans, and Bella and Bee bee, and Ficelle and her hoomans.

We took it to Oklahoma back last year – in Angus’s last major road trip – and saw Henry and Jonesy and Bonnie, and Lucy and Ivy, and that Marla, and Mr. Gary.  That was a magical day at the dog park in Tulsa.

And we took it on too many Dr. Pokey visits.

And it is the vehicle that took Angus on his last ride.


So I’m sending the AngusMobile on…on to the Rainbow Bridge to Angus.  And Today, I took the liberty of painting it up, so it is ready, immediately, for Angus to put it to use as his official catering truck.

Hope you enjoy it – once again – brother.

Captain Ainsley McKenna.

Workng Van