Meet Cary Grant

November 12, 2015 was a momentous day at The Ainsley Institute.  The hoomans adopted a Golden Retriever Puppy.  And Mama named it after her favorite movie star – Cary Grant.

Here is the photo gallery of that day.  Top row, from left, is Cary Grant on the car ride home, next pic is the moment Mama met Cary Grant at the breeder (we had first pick of the males), then a pic of when Mama inspected and deciding that Cary Grant was the one, and far right top row is Mama bringing Cary Grant outside (for the first time), to the car.

2nd Row, Mama with Cary on the ride home, and Cary chewing on Catman’s jacket.

3rd row, Cary doing more chewing – and me, who was hanging out at the Aunt Judy Inn while this whole new puppy transaction was taking place, meeting Cary for the first time.


I liked and played with Cary Grant for about 12 hours – then after I realized he wasn’t going anywhere, I decided I didn’t like him anymore.  This picture above is when I still liked him.


Anyway, Cary Grant, when he came to the Institute, weighed in at 9.5 pounds.  This morning, he weighed in at 12 pounds.  Every day it seems he has grown a couple of inches.  He was at the cute as a button puppy stage, like you see here, about 2 days.  Now he is beginning his rapid transformation to a gangly awkward adolescent.


More pics to come – of course!


Ainsley McKenna






Old Pictures

2009 August 27 Angus Dog Park (2)

In my spare time from CEO of Angus Fala Worldwide, I’ve been going through old pictures.  You know, recategorizing some, deleting many others.  Right now, I’m going through 2009 – before I was born.  Back then, Angus was at peak Scottietude.  A good picture of him above at the dog park – back then he would go to the dog park about every day.

And he would go anytime – even after it rained.  It never stopped my brother – much to the consternation of Mama!

2009 August 28 Angus in Mud (3)

And finally, remember the great Scottie-Husky War of 2009?  I gotta show you this pic – though Angus is a little blurry in it…this is the Husky that started the war with Angus.  And gave Angus a grievous head wound!  Of course, Angus also gave as good as he got in that war!

2009 Oct 8 Angus Wexford Gus

What caused the war?  The same thing that causes wars throughout history, according to my brother.  Two tough boys, and one tennis ball.  Recipe for a conflagration!

Anyway, back to sorting pictures.

Captain Ainsley McKenna