Goodnight Sweet Prince

Hello friends – my last posting was “Meet Cary Grant”  – unfortunately, this posting is going to discuss the passing of Cary Grant.

I wrote the “Meet Cary Grant” post on Sunday night, November 22nd.   Just 12 hours later, our lives got turned upside down by unexpected news.

And if you will indulge me, I am writing this not only for you, my friends, but for those who stumble upon it researching Mitral Valve Stenosis and Mitral Valve Degeneration.  After Cary was diagnosed with the disease on the 23rd, we tried researching the disease in puppies – and found few reports of owners dealing with the disease in puppies as young as Cary.

Perhaps if you have found this blog searching for Mitral Valve Stenosis in puppies, our experiences will be of some use to you.

First off – let me give you a glossary that you might find helpful:

Ainsley – that’s me, your narrator.  I am a 5 year old Scottish Terrier, and yes, I write my own stuff.
Ainsley Institute – my house.  Where I do all my writing and research.
Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises – the name of the company my brother, a Scottish Terrier named Angus Fala, founded.  He left us for the Rainbow Bridge, where he founded Angus Fala’s Boiled Egg and Ice Cream Parlor, on February 28, 2015
Mr. Bear – an intern at my company.  He is an idiot.  He has never said a word.  I don’t see why Angus ever hired him in the first place, but he works cheap, so I have kept him on staff.
Mama – That’s my hooman Mama
Catman – That’s my hooman Daddy, who got the nickname because of his love of felines.
Aunt Judy – not really my aunt, but my neighbor, and an owner of many Scotties through the years.
Uncle Bob – Aunt Judy’s husband, who has famously said “I am asked why I have two Scotties – and I said it’s because Judy won’t let me have three!”
Dr. Pokey – my name for all vets
Cary Grant – a 9 week old Golden Retriever with champion blood lines, and from a very reputable breeder in Wisconsin.  If you frequent the Golden Retriever Forums, you will see them mentioned in quite high regard.

I didn’t name the names of any Dr. Pokeys or clinics in the story.  They all gave us exceptional care, but there was no point in mentioning them, I didn’t feel.  I did mention the name of the Chicago Cardiologist we heard such great things about – Dr. Luthey.  Unfortunately, Cary didn’t make it long enough to meet him.  But I included it because everyone in the area seems to feel he is the vet for all things heart related.  I am not naming the names of Cary’s breeder.  They have been exceptionally kind and generous during this whole event.  Even though Cary’s condition was, we are told, a birth defect, we are also told there is no way anyone could have known, and not a reflection on the quality of Cary’s breeder.  In fact, Cary’s breeder have offered us another pup – and we have not hesitated to accept their offer.  Cary was a great Golden – except for one flaw…his heart.

If you want more details than I have included, email me at


Now begins my story of Cary’s last 6 days.

Let’s start on Saturday the 21st.  We woke up, and Cary Grant seemed to be doing great.    Getting into trouble, playing, just acting like a happy puppy…

Cary and Sock 11-21-2015 7-32-18 AM
Cary Grant Saturday Morning

It snowed Saturday – we got about 5 inches here.  And Cary, like all Golden Retrievers, loved it – he snorkeled in it, he rolled in it, he played in it.  He had a good old time.

Cary in Snow 11-21-2015 3-42-40 PM
Cary in the snow Saturday afternoon

Overnight Saturday night, Catman wondered if something was wrong.  He noticed Cary was breathing a lot as he was sleeping, and breathing loud too.  He even woke Mama up and asked her if it is possible Cary was having bloat (where the stomach turns if a dog, usually large breeds, exercises too vigorously after eating).  However, Cary was taken outside in the middle of the night, and pooped just fine, so Catman and Mama just chalked it up to being an energetic puppy.

Anyway, Sunday came, and Cary seemed fine.  Here is Cary Grant playing with Mr. Bear.  Does Cary look like a sick puppy to you? He doesn’t to us.

But we did notice that Cary was sleeping a lot on Sunday.  Catman even took a picture of Cary sleeping.  But again, it’s been 14 years since we had a 9 week old puppy in the house, so we just thought it was tiredness from a growth spurt.

Cary sleeping 11-22-2015 5-01-09 PM
Cary Sleeping Sunday afternoon

But, when Cary work up, he was the same ol’ Cary.  We even went to see Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob, and had our Christmas picture taken for our Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises 2015 Christmas Card.

Cary Mr. Bear Ainsley Xmas 11-22-2015 7-22-26 PM
Christmas Card Picture

Anyway, so we came home, and went to bed. Over the weekend, the hoomans started allowing Cary to sleep in their bed – and they are sure glad they did, because of what happened 5 days later.  Catman took this picture of a Mama and her little boy, Monday morning.

Cary on Mama's Head 11-23-2015 6-03-00 AM
Cary Monday Morning

So Monday morning started uneventful.  Catman took Cary to McDonald’s, he wowed all the ladies working the drive thru,

Cary Looking at Floor 11-20-2015 5-49-56 AM

and when Catman shoveled the drive way, Cary helped him by taking a plastic bottle out of the recycling in the garage, walking with it 40 feet, and depositing it at the end of the driveway.

But a few hours later, Mama noticed Cary was sleeping a lot, and sleeping loud.  She could hear him wheezing from across the room.

Mama called our regular Dr. Pokey, and they told her to come in in 2 hours, and she did.  The vet took one look at Cary and said “this is bad!.”  She ran x-rays, wondering if something was wrong with his stomach, maybe he swallowed something, but it all showed clear.  But she told Mama, and Catman, who came from work after Mama called him all upset, that Cary needed to go to a vet with an ICU and an oxygen crate right away.

So, they dropped me off at Aunt Judy’s, and rushed Cary to a specialty vet clinic in Aurora Illinois, a 90 minute drive.  Cary was breathing really really hard on the way, and they were afraid he wouldn’t make it.

When they entered the vet practice – a big room with lots of people and animals waiting – the lady at the counter took one look at Cary and got on the loudspeaker and said “I need immediate assistance, all available personnel, to the front desk, STAT!”  She actually used those words “STAT” – I thought they only said that on TV shows. For a second, Mama wondered who was in distress, but then 3 vet techs came rushing out and took Cary to the back.  So they were calling for help for Cary – this is real serious.

Then a Dr. Pokey came out, the emergency Dr. Pokey, and told Catman and Mama it was definitely Cary’s heart (until then, we were thinking maybe it was pneumonia, or something bad, but something that could be overcome). She said it could be 2 things – one that could be managed, called PDA, and one that could not, called VSA.  But from what she heard in her stethoscope, it sounds really bad, whatever it is.  But they would stabilize him enough in his oxygen crate and then do an echo cardiogram.

About an hour or two later, a cardiologist Dr. Pokey came out, and said it wasn’t what they though, it was instead a condition called left side Mitral Valve Stenosis.  She said she has never seen it in a pup as young as Cary, and that she didn’t know for sure, but his life would probably be measured in weeks or at best months.   The way she explained it, Cary’s heart was malformed, and fluid was building up in Cary’s lungs.  Cary was now in heart failure.  His Mitral Valve Stenosis was very severe. My hoomans were devastated.  It meant the hope of seeing Cary grow up a healthy happy Golden were now gone.

Dr. Pokey said my hoomans could visit Cary, but Cary would have to spend the night.  When the hoomans visited Cary in the ICU, he was alert, and spry, and wanted to get out of his oxygen crate.  He tried to fit his whole body through the hole in the cage.  So sad.

So anyway, the next day, me and Catman went to go to pick up hooman sis as the airport.  Since I have not included any pics of me, here I am waiting for hooman sis to say she has arrived while at the Ohare Oasis in Chicago. Consider my pic a brief Scottie interlude in my narrative…

Ainsley Getting Anna 11-24-2015 9-51-09 AM
Your intrepid storyteller waiting for sis to land

So we pick up sis, then we get the call from Dr. Pokey that Cary can come home.  We pick up Cary, and wow, what a greeting!  He was thrilled to meet hooman sis for the first time – and she was pretty happy herself!

Cary Meeting Anna FIrst Time outside Vet 11-24-2015 11-52-46 AM
Cary and Hooman Sis

Cary was a new boy for the first 2 days home.  Tons of energy.  You could tell, which we didn’t realize earlier, that this was the way he was supposed to act.  While he was at Dr. Pokey, they gave him intravenous Lasix.  And at home, we were to give him Lasix, which gets rid of extra fluid, and also a pill called an ACE inhibitor.  Also, we had a followup appointment with the cardiologist for the 3rd.

On the way home, Catman called our petsitter, who owns 6 Goldens, and has shown them for years.  First thing out of her mouth was “Get Cary in to see Dr. Luthey.”  Dr. Luthey was a cardiologist in Chicago that the breeder told us about also, when we talked to them about Cary’s condition.  So Catman made an appointment with Dr. Luthey for his next availability, 8 days away, December 2nd.

Anyway, Cary was a Gold Menace his next two or three days.  Playing, playing playing!  And so smart….he started pawing at the door to go out and potty.  I ask you, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, does this look like a terminally ill puppy to you????

So Cary had a good 3 days…Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Friday was good too.  Me and Cary went to work at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises, saw all the hooman staff there.   Played with them.  Got treats from Ms. Mary, who works in the front office.  Then, Catman was at his desk, and Cary was sleeping and he heard Cary breathing.  Uh oh, he thought. Then he did what the vets told us to do…count the breaths.  Over 50, it’s an emergency.  So he counted.  100!  Oh NO!

We went home immediately, Catman talked to Mama, and they had two choices.  No Dr. Pokeys in the local area could handle this.  They could go to Aurora to the clinic they went to Monday, or they could go to the specialty clinic in Chicago – the one that Dr. Luthey practices at.  They have a 24 hour  vet practice too.  It’s further, about 2 hours away, but it seemed to the hoomans that Cary wasn’t as bad off as he was Monday.  So they called the emergency vet in Chicago, and they said bring him in.  Dr. Luthey is off onn the weekend, but he can be consulted if need be.  And in any event, all the vets there are well versed in heart problems.

So Cary was bundled up, and I stayed home with Hooman sis, and Catman and Mama and Cary Grant took to the road.  Catman, on the drive to Chicago, told Mama he thought at worse they would stabilize Cary and maybe Cary could hang on until the appointment on Wednesday to see Dr. Luthey.  But maybe it would be better, that the vets in Aurora got it all wrong, and it isn’t the heart at all!    Unlikely, but possible – right?

On the way, they realized they needed to stop and get something to eat, and Cary needed to potty. So they stopped in the burbs and Cary sniffed around.  Turns out this is the last picture of the very photogenic Cary Grant.

Chick Fil A on way to vet 11-27-2015 7-16-11 PM
Cary Grant sniffing around in Bolingbrook, IL

So they arrive at the ER Vet in Chicago, and just like Aurora, no waiting for Cary, he got to bypass all the other people waiting, and the hoomans and Cary are whisked to an exam room.  Vitals are taken, a Dr. Pokey arrives, and listens to Cary.  She says without a doubt, it’s heart failure.  The vets in Aurora got it right.  But…But…BUT…she says this is so unusual in such a young pup, maybe a university, such as Purdue, or Ohio State, would want to take a crack at him.  She says that may not be what you want to hear, but Catman said “oh no, that’s exactly what we would like to hear!”  Then the vet says we need to take him back for some tests.

She comes back with Cary about a half hour later, and says “I don’t have good news.”  He definitely has heart failure and Mitral Valve Stenosis,and she consulted an experienced cardiologist out in California, and he said he has only seen one puppy like Cary with Mitral Valve Stenosis – and it didn’t end well.  There were no treatment alternatives.  No miracles for Cary.  Time to put him down.

Mama was beside herself in grief.  Catman was trying his best to hold it together.  Now let me digress and say that there is one thing for you, the reader, to understand – how can you be attached to a puppy you’ve only had 15 days?  Easy – with a dog like Angus, who died at nearly 14 years, you mourn the lost past.  With Cary, you are mourning the lost future.  In many ways, with a pup, it is actually harder.  We didn’t understand that until last week.

Dr. Pokey said hoomans could have some time with Cary.  Cary was breathing hard…his lungs were filling up, but he still had the wag in his tail and wanted to play.  So for an eventful too short 30 minutes or so, they tried to give Cary the best time of his life.  Catman even took off his shoes and socks, so Cary could play with the forbidden sock.  At that point, worrying about bad habits and choking can be thrown out the window.

But then it was time.  Dr. Pokey came back in, and had the injections.  During the first one, right before Cary slipped consciousness forever, Mama whispered in his ear…low enough so that no one could hear but Cary.  “Goodnight Sweet Prince” – words from Shakespeare, and the last words Cary would hear on this Earth.

So that is the story of Cary Grant’s last 6 days.  I will end my lengthy posting now with another picture, a beautiful picture, created by our friend Kate Wood, an artist from Alaska.  Cary meeting our beloved Angus and his Scottie friends.

Cary Grant Bridge
copyright – Kate Wood




57 thoughts on “Goodnight Sweet Prince

  1. Tears, he was loved. I am so sad in reading this. I had a flash of my Humphrey. When Dr. Gretchen came to my home to help him get his wings. I held him cried and cried as now. You all are special people. Two in one year. My prayers for you all. I said never again.. 2 weeks later I had BLUE. I had to. My thoughts are with you. ♥

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  2. Lord Ashley, what a terribly sad and wild ride. We can understand how you all got attached to Cary Grant. I think many of us fell in love with the little ball of fluff., and then Aunt Judy’s Christmas picture kind of sealed the deal. Mama and I love Kate Wood’s painting. It is wonderful. Thank you for your very detailed report. We are sorry there was nothing that could be done to save Cary Grant. Catman and Mama certainly did everything within their power. We all wanted this story to have a different ending. Mama and I, (along with your many friends, both four and two legged), send our empathy, sympathy and love. We feel especially badly for Mama, and are glad she has the month of March to look forward to. With much love, Skyler Braveheart and his Mama

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  3. Thank you for sharing Cary Grant’s story. I think we all welcomed him with open hearts, in part because we were missing our beloved Angus so much. Then suddenly he was more…much more, and we were all looking with anticipation toward the many years we might be enjoying the antics of this Golden Menace from Ansley’s point of view. But that was not to be and here we are again, filled with grief. But I’m certain that the story doesn’t end here – neither Angus Fala or Cary Grant would want it that way. For me, I’m holding on to the memories of those two and grateful for all the joy they gave me in the time they were with us. And, with all my heart, I wish the best for Ainsley and her wonderful family. 🐾❤️ Maureen and Bonnie

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  4. I know this doesn’t help you but we are crying our eyes out after reading this. Again I’m so very sorry you all and Cary had to go through this. It’s so unfair. As my lovely mother used to tell me all the time “those things which do not kill us make us stronger.” I’m thinking you, Catman, and Mamma are about the strongest around. Just think how lucky you all were though to be part of Cary’s brief life.
    Good Night Sweet Prince Cary. And thank you for sharing him with us.

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  5. Cary Grant had such a short time here on earth , he was a Lucky Pup that he ended up with such a Loving Family . My thoughts and prayers are with you .

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  6. Not a dry eye here. It is so sad when you lose your baby… Yes, a fur baby even. The positive in this story is that Cary Grant was loved and in his short life gave that “unconditional” love that only our fur-babies can give. You have the photos and the memories of what a great puppy CG was. CG will continue to live in your heart and in the heart of many who never met him. Love to Mama, Catman, hooman Sis and you too Ainsley McKenna. ❤

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  7. Thank you for sharing Cary’s story with us. Everyone was excited when we knew he was coming home. We know he had a brief but loving life. So tragic, but thank goodness his little life was spent with you & your pack 💔

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I just don’t have words for this extraordinary tribute Ainsley. He was a lucky little guy to have you and your hoomans for his family during his too-short life. RIP sweet Cary Grant.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Your generously in sharing the heartbreaking details of the end of Cary Grants short life tells why you are loved so much. This must be one of the hardest posts to put into words. “Ball of fluff” is how we will always remember CG. Goodnight Sweet Prince.

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  10. Tonight I read your blog about Cary. I read it to my husband and we were both sobbing like babies by the end. We were “there” when Cary was introduced and it is heartbreaking to know he has left us all already. Those of us that love, loved or have lost fully understand this heartbreak. How wonderful for Cary that he was so loved AND a part of so many hearts in a short period of time. He will be missed.

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  11. Ainsley, even though my eyes are leaking (and so are my mom and dad’s), your tribute to Cary Grant was just beautiful. I’m sorry you and your hoomans had broken hearts again… But Cary only knew love with his new family and now Angus has a beloved golden to accompany him on his patrols and at the shop. Do you see the two stars shining brightly tonight? I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of the polycarbonate protective cranial covers sitting on those lights. Be kind to mama, Catman, and even Mr. Bear. He was a good sport to let Cary chew him up. Softpaws and hugs from me and Kenzie (and mom and dad).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Snowy – I read somewhere that there are stars and there are supporting actors, and they are bit players. They say it is like you are watching a movie with a big bar fight center screen, and Jack Nicholson in the corner, sleeping. You are going to mainly watch Nicholson – not the fight. Same with us canines. Angus when he was alive, and then Cary, were stars. They commanded the attention. Angus was a star. Cary was a star. the first Scottie, Aberdeen, was a supporting actress. More comfortable out of the limelight. Catman says I am a supporting actress….they noticed that I am more comfortable being in the background. Coming out occassionally and making a mark, but then receding back under my bar stool, or a couch cushion, and thinking my thoughts. Dreaming my dreams. How about you Snowy? Angus thought you were a star too.


  12. Thank you for sharing your story. Your words ” with a dog like Angus, who died at nearly 14 years, you mourn the lost past. With Cary, you are mourning the lost future. In many ways, with a pup, it is actually harder. ” are so very true and express so well the grief we felt losing one of our litter lat year at 13 days.

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  13. This time last year, we were going through the same thing with Kyla. Going here, going there, trying this and trying that-grasping at any hope. It wasn’t to be. That’s Kyla in the picture-third from the right. It takes a while-we’re not over her loss yet and it’s been 50 weeks.

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  14. Ainsley, there is nothing I can say that would bring back Cary Grant. There is nothing I can say that would ease the pain for you and your family. I can say that I have experienced the loss of a you f dog but she lived for 4 whole yearsas we grappled with her single yet defective kidney. We were blessed with the gift of time but we spent a lot of that time trying to figure out what her medical issue was because we knew something was not right. It was a long and heartbreaking and no win situation. Fighting for life is exhausting in so many ways. What I am trying to say, and failing miserably, is that I feel you pain and I offer my support and love. I am so sorry for your loss of wee Cary Grant.

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  15. Such a heartbreaking story. So sorry for all of you. Makes me want to kiss and hug Scotch and Lejla right this minute and that’s what I’m going to do. So far I’ve had 6 dogs, 2 Westies, 4 Scotties,. You fight the good fight to try to save them just as you do with your human relatives and finally you accept that you’re keeping them here for you and not for them, and you have to let them go. I was blessed that 3 of the 4 who have gone lasted 13 years, and the one that didn’t lasted 8 years ands dropped dead in my arms. And I still miss them all. But I am eternally grateful to have the two who are here. Our love to all of you.

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    1. As hard as is it to let the Angus’ of the world go, the old timers who had a full life with a lifetime of memories, it seems it hurts more when those go prematurely. If some miracle had happened and Angus had not died in February, the reality remains that right now he would be a 14 year old Scottie, with his best days behind him. If some miracle had happened for Cary though, or your 7 year old, there would have been plenty of best days ahead. That’s what is so tough.

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  16. Love and healing prayers to your broken hearts. Frolic in health with Angus and all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge, Cary…I’m sending my beloved pack over to meet you and play in green grass with you. God Speed Sweet little Cary. Thank you, Ainsley, for sharing Cary’s story,

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  17. I agree that it is infinitely more difficult to lose them in such a short time. We lost one of our Scotties this way – also heart and lung defect. It is devastating! Always hard to lose them….but like this it is so much worse. You can’t possibly prepare for it. I am so sorry your family has had to go through three significant losses now in such a short period of time. Grief comes in surges and we do what we can to deal with them. But it is never easy….and you have done all you can to try to save your pups. In the end, we love them enough to let them go. My heart goes out to you and I pray for healing in your heart ache. W
    e are here to help you if you need it. Just say the word.

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  18. I’m so very sorry for your loss. It’s true that we mourn the loss of the future and the tomorrow that will not come to pass when a youngster dies. He will never be forgotten and your new baby will have a special place too that’s all his or her own. I’ve always felt that when things like this happen, there is a reason why though we won’t know what it is.

    Hugs and prayers for all of you… And scratches for you Madame Ainsley..

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  19. I say this a lot, but I totally mean it. You and your Hooman Staff are so wonderful for all the open and honest sharing you do. We learn a great deal and at times like this we end up feeling the heartache with you. You all are so loved by so many. Mr. Bear, though, and the cats? Hmm, not so much! Thank you for telling us this story. We are all praying so very much for happier days to come at The Ainsley Institute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While Cary spent his last 72 hours with Mama and Me at the Ainsley Institute for Thanksgiving, Mr. Bear was gallivanting with the rest of the family at the wisconsin Dells. If that bear wasn’t an unpaid intern and doesn’t cost the company anything, I’d tell him to pack up his bags and his hunney and hit the road, Bear!


  20. Oh Ainsley and hooman family, my heart breaks for you all. Mama still grieves for a scottie pup whose future was taken all too soon 18 years ago. And despite being surrounded throughout those 18 years with wonderful scotties (like me and my new babies) that bring love and joy, there’s still that ache gnawing away. Cary Grant was much loved, worldwide, and whilst he is now with his brother Angus Fala cavorting amongst the boiled eggs and ice cream, we hope that your grief at his lost future may be softened by the love of us, your faithful facebook (and wordpress) family. We send prayers, hugs and hope to you all.

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  21. We heard of your loss at the POTP blog and had to stop by to leave our sincere condolences. We feel your heartache so deeply as we lost our baby pug Olive in 2011 the age of 10 1/2 weeks due to a tragic accident (she squirmed out of moms arms and landed on her head). And In 2014 we lost 2 1/2 yr old Greta after she ate a toxic mushroom. Yes the grief is much different, mourning the loss of a life so short. But we know they were loved as was your sweet prince Cary Grant. We hope you find comfort in that you are not alone in your sorrow.
    prayers and hugs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

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  22. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. This was a heartwrenching story. Take some comfort in knowing that dear little Cary Grant had a wonderful life, though short – you couldn’t have made him happier. Our prayers go out to you, we share in your pain.

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  23. “Kismet” sent me over to read your story. We are FB friends with Angus, having/had our Scottie, Todd and other friends in common. But I wanted to tell you how sorry I am to read about Cary Grant. We lost our first Golden when he was 5 years old, and I know the loss you’re feeling in having lost your precious little boy all too soon. I think that was why I started fostering senior Goldens because like you I mourned the loss of what was not to be, and wanted that experience of a senior dog. But having just lost a Golden that I had so much hope for, the words from the song, “I dreamed a dream” from Les Miserables, also seem to fit as well, where it says, “there are dreams that cannot be, and storms we cannot weather.” I am sorry that your dreams for this precious boy were not to be because of a storm he could not weather… I know my words probably do nothing to console you, but I hope that knowing that his loss is being mourned by many like me helps you to know you are not alone. I know you are also not alone in being grateful that that his short life was one where he had great fun, he was happy, safe, and most of Cary Grant was loved and is missed. Again, I am so, so sorry… (Kim W, LIfe at Golden Pines)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your words. Yes, we have been thinking of all the things Cary didn’t get to do….never knew the joy of a delicious treat from the ladies at the bank, never knew the joys of Christmas presents, never knew the fun of playing with my petsitter’s 6 golden retrievers, didn’t even know the joy of a patrol around the neighborhood because he didn’t have his shots yet. Lost future

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