Come Saturday Morning

This morning, me and the staff traveled to the town of Mendota, about 30 minutes north of the Ainsley Institute.

Mendota is the home of Angus Manor 1 – my late great brother Angus lived there for the first 7 years of his life with the staff, and they moved to the current Ainsley Institute (formerly known as Angus Manor, or Angus Manor II) about 8 years ago.

Staff has been in the habit of taking me different places to walk most mornings.  I enjoy barking to my neighbor Luke the Poodle as much as the next dog, but let’s face it – the areas around the Institute are well pacified.  Hearts and Minds have been won.  Kinda boring.  So I need new areas to explore and put under the rule of my iron paw.

So anyway, we went to Mendota this morning, arriving around daybreak.  First thing I saw – SQUIRRELS!  Ficelle, my Canadian Scottie friend, has warned me about these crafty little ba$#ar%$, and I couldn’t get one.  Wasn’t from lack of trying though.squirrel up tree 2-6-2016 7-05-56 AM

Then we went up this big hill, and surveyed the countryside.

lake mendota 2-6-2016 7-09-04 AM

And then we walked through some woods and meadows, and reached the shores of a frozen Lake Kakusha

ainsley icy lake 2-6-2016 7-19-03 AM

Saw a big stoopid lab and a Schnauzer on my way back to the Scottie War Wagon – but no auditory salvos were exchanged.

Then back home, and then a short walk in the pacified ‘hood for a well-deserved R&R at Aunt Judy’s.

ainsley aunt judy lap 2-5-2016 6-45-26 PM

Have a good Saturday.

Captain Ainsley McKenna

11 thoughts on “Come Saturday Morning

      1. BOL so do Indy and Lucy. First Scottie Sophie stalked them like a cat. She jumped for one that was trying to make a getaway up a bird feeder and took it down. Mom yelled and distracted her and it got away.

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  1. I take my hat off to your staff for getting up so early on a Saturday to take you hunting far afield…..even before sunrise !! We don’t have squirrels around our hood so these Scots have never seen one.

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