February 14 – the week that was

ainsley outside  1-31-2016 12-00-36 PM

Well now, how was your week?  I’m gonna tell you mine, in pictures and words.

It’s been a pretty cold week here at the Ainsley Institute, a few neighborhood patrols, one bath, some sentry duty, some TV watching, and an overnight stay at the Aunt Judy Inn.

First off, come Tuesday, me and Mr. Bear watched the election returns from New Hampshire.  Mr. Bear, being a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump, was quite happy.

me and mr bear 2-9-2016 8-43-56 PM

I can’t say I was thrilled though.

The next few days were uneventful.  I didn’t even get a visit to see Ms. Mary at Angus Fala Worldwide HQ and get a performance bonus, and believe it or not, on Thursday,  I didn’t get a car ride.  Much of the day I spent in my favorite place – under the bar stools.

at home with ainsley 2-11-2016 6-04-06 PM

Things started picking up toward the end of the week.  Got a card in the mail from Skyler Braveheart – my only Valentine’s Day card to date.

card from skyler 2-11-2016 6-04-35 PM

Come Friday, my staff decided to go to Chicago and see the play about Carole King.  I got the better end of the deal – I got a nice relaxing stay at the Aunt Judy Inn.  Here I am utilizing their early morning check-in service.

waiting for aunt judy 2-9-2016 7-02-48 PM

Yes, it was cold this weekend.  Yesterday, the low got down to -1 at the Inn, and quite windy too, hence my sweater.

It was a delightful stay.  A 45 minute spa massage from Aunt Judy, meals included Fish and Chicken Liver, and of course plenty of treats…

ainsley with uncle bob 2-9-2016 7-07-14 PM

So that’s about it this week for Valentine’s Week for me.  Just leave you with one thing – I’m trying to convince Aunt Judy to allow Angus Fala Worldwide to franchise the Aunt Judy Inn – wouldn’t you want one in your neighborhood too?

ainsley at aunt judy 2-9-2016 7-24-56 PM

Aunt Judy is hard to convince and is withholding the licensing rights – she is afraid she will lose her quality control.

Fear not – I’m still working on her about it.  I’m gonna get this deal made.

Til next week –

Captain Ainsley McKenna, CEO
Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises


10 thoughts on “February 14 – the week that was

  1. We definitely want an Aunt Judy Inn. I am sure hooman Sis has told you we haven’t really had winter in OK this year. This coming week it is supposed to be in the 70s. Happy Valentine’s. I hope your pawrents remembered the treats.

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    1. Our winter has been pretty mild too. Not much snow. Got some snow in November when Cary Grant was here (I’m so glad the little fella got to see snow – he loved it so, as all Goldens do) – and today we are supposed to get maybe 6 inches. But then getting up to near 60 by Friday.

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  2. A fine wintery week at the institute. Would love to have an Aunt Judy Inn in the neighborhood !!
    Baby bunny season should be right around the corner!!!

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  3. Well, it’s not exactly The Aunt Judy Inn, but if you are ever in our neck of the woods, please make a reservation at Casa de Frock. And you can always refer to it as The Aunt Holly Inn……hey that almost sounds like the Holiday Inn!

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  4. Glad you enjoyed your card ! We had similar weeks. I got a Valentines card from Dude and Squirty, the cockatiel and cat next door (Mama petsits them from time to time), and a card and a bag off goodies from The Fab 4…we all got groomed Saturday. Mama and I are big time in favor of an Aunt Judy Inn….but quality is job one. Hope you convince her that you and I can audition candidates. Guests gotta be screened too. And, let’s not diminish the Uncle Bob part of the deal…there has to be an Uncle Bob. First target location, Greensboro North Carlina…….

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  5. An Aunt Judy Inn would be wonderful down here in Pretoria, South Africa and then Uncle Bob could wear his shorts all the time. Let me know and I will set up interviews

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