OKlahoma – Where the Scottie Comes Swe…

Went on a trip this past weekend.  Went to visit my Hooman sister, who lives in a suburb of Oklahoma City.  And this is my photo journal of my trip….


ainsley and mr bear 2-26-2016 5-39-40 PM
Me and Mr. Bear

So we packed up the Scottiemobile and headed down on our 14 hour trip to Okahoma to meet the Oklahomies.

On the way, we stopped and saw Mama’s best friend in the world, Deb.  Deb is a published author – and a best selling author too.  She has written many books, but one book, “Beyond Forever,” has me and my late great brother Angus as her inspiration for dog characters.

This from the book describes the character Angus:

“What Angus lacked in size he made up for in attitude.”

It’s a Historical Romance – so Angus is a terrier in the early 1800’s.  I make an appearance in present day, here’s my section in the book:

“Angus reminded Julia of her Aunt Kim’s Scottish terrier, Ainsley”

Pretty neat, huh?  If you wanna read it for yourself, you can pick it up on kindle – here’s the link:

Make sure you get the Kindle Version – Deb reworked her paperback, which she wrote in the 1990’s, and added me and Angus as characters.  We’re not in the paperback version.  (of course, both books are most excellent, so maybe you should just buy them both!).

ainsley and conner and jamie 2-26-2016 10-47-09 AM
Me, Conner and Jamie

Anyway, Ms. Deb has always had Irish Setters, and I visited with my old friends, Conner and Jamie.  Eventually, I gotta all Scottie on them, and tried to fight with Jamie (Jamie and Conner are both too way good matured to fight me back though.) Anyway, after I started growling and snapping and showing my teeth, Mama decided it was time for us to bid adieu.

ainsley at fort leonard wood 2-26-2016 2-11-41 PM
Me waiting for lunch

Anyway, we continued on to Oklahoma.  We had a late lunch at Fort Leonard Wood, a town in Missiouri outside an Army base (Military Police are trained there, by the way), and I waited outside while Mama got us grilled cheese sandwiches at Panera Bread.  I was hungry, and it smelled good.

Then we traveled on.  We noticed and commented that when we got to Oklahoma, there were signs every few miles that said “Fire Hazard – Don’t Drive Thru Smoke.”  Why am I mentioning that?  Well, as Ms. Deb tells me, that’s foreshadowing what’s to come later.  Though I guess I shouldn’t really tell you it’s a foreshadow, huh?

So, we arrived at Hooman Sis’s Apartment in Beautiful Downtown Edmond Oklahoma about 8 pm.  Plenty of time for me to get reacquainted with her cats. Diablo Dos is the cat on the left hand side in the picture above, and Diablo Uno is the cat I had all packed and ready to ship out in the picture on the right hand side.  Sis let her out though, darn it.

Also met Hooman Sis’s boyfriend, Ross.  He is a nice guy – likes me too.  I jumped in his lap, so he has the Official Scottie Seal of Approval.

ainsley ross and anna 2-28-2016 5-18-43 PM
Hooman Sis, Ross, and Me – and Mama to the right

Got up bright and early, and since Hooman Sis apartment had only 2 bathrooms, and 3 hoomans, two cats, and me, I had to wait my turn to get ready.

ainsley outside bathroom door 2-28-2016 6-57-45 AM
Hurry Up in there!

So Saturday morning, off to Tulsa!  At Tulsa, met a lot of good friends at the dog park.  Met Mr. Gary, who is a volunteer at Oklahoma Westie Rescue, and he is a saint of a hooman.

ainsley and gary greenlee 2-27-2016 1-04-40 PM
Mr. Gary and Me

Also, met Rosie – met her before 2 years ago when I visited with my brother Angus.

ainsley and rosie 2-27-2016 2-36-28 PM
Me and Rosie

Also, I got to meet up with McDuff, being held by Susan, and me, being held by my hooman sis.

ainsley and westie 2-27-2016 2-02-50 PM
McDuff & Me

The dog park was PACKED!  But I worked the gate, letting dogs I approved in, and letting dogs that I didn’t approve in too.  Hooman sis, who used to live in Tulsa, met up with some of her good fellow Oklahomie friends at the dog park.

annas friends grooup pic best 2-27-2016 2-02-22 PM
From left, Me (and Hooman Sis), Becca (and Leslie), Stu (and Alli), and Crash and Bourne (with Alison)

We stayed about 2 hours, and then had the requisite Scottie Group picture shoot.

group pic best 2-27-2016 1-51-41 PM
Clockwise from Top Left – Bonnie (and Mr. Paul), Me (and Mama), Lucy (and her Dad), Jonesy (with Ms. Emma), Hurley (with Mr. Tim), McDuff (with Ms. Angie), Piper (with Mr. Gary), Indy (with Ms. Trisha), Rosie (with Ms. Marla), and Cagney (with Ms. Vanessa)

Wow, what a day.  We were last of our group to leave the dog park, but it was fun, and thanks to everyone for making it a memorable day.

leaving dog park 2-27-2016 3-04-42 PM
me, Mama and Sis

Drove back to Oklahomie City, and saw more signs about “Fire Hazard, don’t drive through smoke.”  I got back in time to sit outside Sis’s outside deck, and pull some late night sentry duty.

ainsley at night patrol 2-27-2016 7-59-25 PM
Guarding the Night

Sunday was  a recovery day.  I did some morning stake out duty and caught my sister trying to come in with some food…

ainsley looking at anna 2-27-2016 10-01-12 AM
Caught you Sis!  What you got in that McDonald’s Bag?

But the bad thing about Sunday was – I RAN OUT OF FOOD!  So hoomans ran out to Petco (didn’t take me!), and couldn’t find my normal brand – Holistic Select.  So they bought me Blue Buffalo – which is quite tasty.  If you folks at Blue Buffalo would like to hire me as your Celebrity Spokescottie, have your people get in touch with my agent, Mr. Bear.  I do know a thing or two about product placement.

ainsley and dog food 2-27-2016 7-39-36 PM
Me and Blue Buffalo Wilderness: Chicken Recipe.   Good, and Good For You Too!

So now it was Monday, and time to go home.  On the way home, on I-44, passed again several signs that said “Fire Hazard: Do Not Drive Through Smoke.”  Shortly after the first toll booth, it looked a little foggy all of a sudden.  Sniff Sniff…what’s that? SMOKE!  So, we were driving through smoke!  Just what you aren’t supposed to do, Catman! I’m a Scottie, and I could read the signs you shouldn’t do that.  And let me tell you what – it was scary!  About 3 miles of smoke, but in all fairness to Catman, other cars were driving through it too, though it was really really really thick, as bad as an Illinois Blizzard.  No sooner had we gotten through it then we saw the Police rushing to the scene with sirens and lights blaring, and we learned later that just after we made it through, they shut down the interstate.

I hope no one got in a wreck.

After all that, the trip home was uneventful.  Stopped at Panera Bread again in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and after that it was time to surf on back home.

ainsley van surfing 2-29-2016 12-12-10 PM
Me van Surfing

Got home about 6 pm – and boy, was I tired.  Still Recovering.

ainsley and herman 2-29-2016 10-10-28 PM
Me resting at The Ainsley Institute, with Herman the Cat in his beloved Catman’s Lap

Anyway, it was a good trip.  I want to thank the staff, Mr. Bear, Hooman Sis, Ross, Debra Dier, Conner and Jamie for being good sports about me trying to fight them and all, and my dog park buddies – Jonesy & Bonnie, McDuff, Cagney, Piper, Indy & Lucy, Hurley, Rosie, Bourne, Stu, and Becca and Crash. And their staff.  I don’t thank Diablo Uno or Dos though.  They pure evil.

Tomorrow is another day – and a real big day too.  New Golden Pup supposed to arrive.

Til then,

Ainsley McKenna



16 thoughts on “OKlahoma – Where the Scottie Comes Swe…

  1. Wow, what an adventure ! You all saw plenty of action & Interstate. Great photos & friends too. Extra happy you liked Hooman Sis’s boyfriend! Mama and I will be thinking about you tomorrow, when you get your little ball of fluff sidekick. Don’t let Mr Bear get to him until you’ve explained everything…you know, policy & protocol…but being a puppy, he’ll probably need reminding…xxxxxxx

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  2. I am so relieved you all made it home safe and sound! A new puppy?!? I hadn’t heard. I’ll stay tuned for more info! Over and out.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. We are glad the Ross person met with your approval. Between you and Lucy, we don’t have to assert our superiority over other creatures. You got that all taken care of. We do think you are getting your zone ready for the GR though…just saying.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What an adventure!! Good times, good friends fur and other….
    Attempted to purchase Beyond Forever I do not have a kindle – it said it would not work on my devise. Fire tablet. But tried!!!
    Well sounds like some exciting days ahead with a little golden new comer….. Will be watching….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you want to purchase Beyond Forever with cameo’s by Angus Fala and Ainsley go to Amazon.com, type in “Beyond Forever” and when the screen comes listing a whole bunch of books – however there is a “Read with Our Free App” Download the app and you should be able to read the book. Right under Kindle for 2.99

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