George Kerby – First 24 Hours

George Kerby and Mama  coming home3-2-2016 1-43-51 PM 3-2-2016 1-43-51 PM

Well, March 2nd was an eventful day – the day the staff adopted a new dog to help me at the Ainsley Institute.

Remember Cary Grant, the Golden that came on board back on November 13th of last year?  And then died 15 days later, because of a rare heart condition?

I hope you remember, cause we sure do.  Anyway, the breeder in Wisconsin said we could have another dog – and one was available yesterday.  So Mama and Catman took me for an early morning check-in at the Aunt Judy Inn, and Catman drove Mama up to pick up the new pup.

They had the pick of the 3 boys, and picked this guy above.  The naming was quite contentious.  I wanted him named Charles Boolean, the inventor of Boolean Logic, which paved the way for the information age.  Catman wanted him to be named Rufus T. Johnson. Who is Rufus T. Johnson?  I have no idea, he just wanted to call a dog Rufus.  The cats wanted him named Meow.   Mr. Bear wanted him named either “Make America Great – Again” or “Wall Street is too Yuge.”

Mama wanted to name him for a Cary Grant character, cause Cary Grant is her favorite actor.  So she wanted to name him George Kerby, a character Cary Grant played in his 1937 movie, “Topper.”

Mama got her way.  Just like she got her way when she named Cary Grant, named me Ainsley McKenna, and named Angus Angus Fala.  Above you see Mama with George Kerby on the way home.


kerby aunt judy and ainsley  3-2-2016 6-15-05 PM

So, they got back last night about 6 pm, and picked me up at the Aunt Judy Inn – this is me, sizing up the new guy, with Aunt Judy, and Uncle bob in the background.


kerby and aunt judy 3-2-2016 6-15-55 PM

I tell ya what – even though he is from the same breeder, he isn’t the same dog as Cary Grant.  George Kerby is much mellower, and sleeps a lot more than Cary did.  Cary would never be held like this.  Here Kerby is last night at the Aunt Judy Inn.


Anyway, we went back home, and before I allowed him to be loose, I had to show him a few things.  I wanted to show him some of the guys he is following – to let him know he has big paws to fill….

kerby seeing cary grant 3-2-2016 5-14-08 PM

First, I had to show him the late great Cary Grant, gone way too soon.


Then the cats, Lily in the left, and Herman in the right, wanted to meet George Kerby.


kerby meeting angus 3-2-2016 5-14-35 PM

And finally, time to pay homage to the late great Angus Fala.  Look and learn, little pup.


Then it was time to let him loose and explore his surroundings.  The first thing he tried to do was to replace the drapes.


First night went amazingly well though.  I slept downstairs on the sofa, and George Kerby slept in his cage upstairs.  At first he was a bit rambunctious:

kerby in cage 3-2-2016 5-22-54 PM.JPG

But he settled down and slept after only about 15 minutes of whining, howling and barking.  Much quicker than Cary Grant’s first night….that took over 90 minutes for Cary to settle down back in November.  But like I said before, George Kerby is a lot more mellower than Cary.


kerby looking up 3-2-2016 5-12-13 PM

Cary was an excellent pup – smart as a whip.  We still miss him.  But one thing we don’t want is Cary’s heart problem, so first thing this morning, staff took George Kerby to our Dr. Pokey and have him checked out.  Dr. Pokey spent a long time poking at his hips, cause Goldens have a tendency to have hip dysplasia.   Kerby’s hips are good.  Then she spent a long time, and I mean a loooooooooong time, listening to his heart. Well, good news – Dr. Pokey heard nothing abnormal with George Kerby’s heart.  Excellent news indeed.  Here is George Kerby celebrating after he got home today.

Well, that’s about it for George Kerby’s first 24 hours.

Bark at you later,

Ainsley McKenna

18 thoughts on “George Kerby – First 24 Hours

  1. Goodmorning Ainsley,
    Very nice that you have a new playmate, George Kerby is beautiful!
    Good luck, have fun and enjoy it. xx greetings from the Netherlands

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  2. That was a very full first day for George, but he presents as a swell guy. I predict a happy partnership between you and George. I think he kissed your ear as a sign of respect. And best of all, to see Mama smiling so big. Looking forward to more news from the front, and, when will he tour AWWE and meet Ms Mary and Hooman Sis?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hooman sis will be a big ask – she has made it clear no Golden visits to her apartment in Oklahoma until he is 100% housetrained, and she isn’t planning on visiting the institute untill June at the very earliest. Kerby has already been to AWWE and met Ms. Mary – though he is too stoopid to appreciate performance bonuses. The key question is – will Kerby be meeting you in May? That’s what we are most interested in.


  3. Welcome to George. I am jealous that he settled down after 90 minutes. Ms. Lejla barked at the top of her lungs for hours, non-stop every night she was in her crate once she came to live with us. The crate started out in my bedroom, with the other dog in his bed right beside her. Then I moved it to another room up the hall. Then I covered the crate with a blanket to make it even darker in the room than it already was. And I covered my head with a pillow, and I put a towel beneath my doorjam. I thought I’d lose my mind. I’m so glad once she wa shousebroken and out of the crate we had no more of that. Except that she will not let me sleep past 7 a.m. ever. Even if she goes out at 2 a.m. Still I wish I could have just 1 more dog!! Anyway –the joys of puppydom.. Glad this little guy seems to not have the heart issues of his (half brother?) . That was too traumatic. Ainsley McKenna will have her work cut out for her, teaching him the ropes.

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    1. Wow – what a story. Fortunately, I guess, Kerby is not related to Cary at all, though they come from the same breeder. I saw I guess cause Cary was a heck of a dog, smart as a whip, almost completely housebroken at 9 weeks even. But just that one really bad, fatal flaw. Last night, Kerby was a lot more vocal. He would settle down within 15 minutes, but he woke the staff (I have taken to sleeping downstairs on the den couch with Mr. Bear, though I have the full run of the house) at midnight, 3 am, and 4 am. At 4 am, Catman decided to let Kerby sleep on the bed after he was taken outside (Mama didn’t know about his decision) and he slept fine – no accidents – in the bed next to Catman’s head until 6 am. Herman & Lily the cat weren’t too happy about it though, the bed is their domain.


  4. Welcome little man. Kerby is going to bring you much joy. Enjoy him and wonderful to see mama’s hugs smile……a happy smile.

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  5. OH MY!!! I am sooooo sad about Cary Grant. I missed this because that’s the time Stuart’s hemangiosarcoma became known to us. What a tragedy!! How horrible.

    George Kerby looks like Stuart as a pup – so laid back, you’d never know he was there. Well. Sometimes. And sweet as sugar.


    You keep him in line!!!

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