New Game from Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

Hey Kids!

Tired of playing Cops and Robbers with your friends?  Don’t want to be guilty of cultural appropriation by playing Cowboys and Indians????

Well, we here at Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises have invented a new game just for you!

We call it Trump Supporter Versus Anti-Trump Activist!

Watching all the coverage on CNN and you want to be in on the action too?  But Mama won’t let you go?

Well, we have tne next best thing – Trump Versus Anti Trump!  Available now at your favorite on-line toy retailer or your closest toy department of a mass-market merchandiser!

You can pretend you are right there in the action, with the cameras rolling!  Your friend can call you a Racist Bully, and you can call your friend an Anti-American Commie, and let the fun begin!

Here I am playing an Anti-Trump Activist, and George Kerby is playing a Trump Supporter!


Hurry, and buy now!  My game is just flying off the shelf as fast as a billionaire in Trump One!

And coming soon, my new version, Trump Versus Anti-Trump 2.0.  It’s a multiplayer game, in which two of you can wrestle like you are on the auditorium floor, and your other friends can boo and cheer, and your Mama can yell into a microphone “Get Em Out of Here, Punch them in the Face!”

Fun for all Ages!


11 thoughts on “New Game from Angus Fala Worldwide Enterprises

  1. Ah Ainsley I wish I could send this to my friend Bobbie but I have no idea how as I don’t think she’s on Facebook. Maybe I’ll try to send it via email. You and George Kirby have invented such a smart game at Angus manor. Hopefully you’ll get many boiled eggs today as your reward. George Kirby is growing up very fast.

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    1. Tell her go to Google, type in “Training for a Donald Trump Rally” my video will be the first to come up except for the ads. I put it on Youtube this morning so anyone can see it. Angus Fala Worldwide – working hard to serve you better!

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