The Greeting

Last night at the Ainsley Institute.

A few things you are seeing here.

First, notice how I am standing at attention waiting til the female staffer and 2 distinguished guests are about to enter the side portal of the Ainsley Institure.

Then notice how George Kerby, with the attention span of a juvenile misquitoe, and a brain to match, is incapable of my stoic, respectful, military discipline. So he goes off camera to do whatever it is he does. Probably eating shoes and tasting electrical outlets.

Then the hoomans arrives. I give them a respectful dignified Scottie greeting, as is taught to young scotties in Scottie skool.

Then you see George Kerby come on screen, barreling in and acting like the hoomans just invented crust less bread or something.  Give it a rest George! They just went to chicago for the day in an exchange of money for entertainment and meals. Totally uncalled for and completely over the top on George’s part.

Well, I’m a bit perturbed by him taking the attention off where it belongs – me. And then the tail sniffing by George of me just is too much.  You see the result.

George’s thespian skills here are ridiculously overblown. If I wanted to hurt him I would have, and he would be in a cone this morning.  He isn’t hurt. Just a little old fashioned, and richly deserved, zone of hostility.

So there you go – I hope you found my Scottie viewpoint of this video enlightening and educational.

12 thoughts on “The Greeting

  1. Ainsley you were totally within your rights to teach that little furball a lesson or two. He most certainly is due to be sent off to school for those kind of furballs. Total waste of Scottie time to have to be teaching him all the lessons needed to get him anywhere near civilized……….aside…go and give him a kiss to make it better, shame he is only little 🙂

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  2. I guess you have going to have to be the one to teach him the drill, but it did tug at Mama’s heart to hear him squeal…..he is learning by trial and error, which can be a tad painful…such restraint on your part not to put him in a cone, has been duly noted…..but he just is a wee one.

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