The Legendary Lost City of the Scottie Kings – Chapter 2

Ainsley reading

This is the third installment of my soon to be best seller, “The Legendary Lost City of the Scottie Kings.”  My previous 2 installments can be found here on my website.

Princess Aberdeen looked through the trees at the brown fort in the clearing.  Her and her troops had just arrived at the land now known as Labrador.  Princess Aberdeen and the rest of Scottie Team 6,  had intel that the fort had been overrun by a troop of hostile Labradors.  Aberdeen, King Angus the 33rd’s oldest sister, held up her paw, to indicate to the other 11 members of her team to maintain military silence.  Just then, a window, which in that era was covered with boards and not glass, opened, and a white head popped out.  It was a Westie.

“Scottie Team 6, advance,” Princess Aberdeen said pointing her paw forward.  As the team carefully moved quietly over the clearing to the fort, the giant door to the fort opened.   Aberdeen immediately squatted down and raised one fist for her team to be ready to fire a devastating volley of auditory salvos (1).  Out came a West Highland Terrier – who Aberdeen immediately recognized as her old friend, Colonel Montgomery.

“Princess Aberdeen – what are you doing here?”

“We had word that you were attacked by a group of hostile Labradors.” Aberdeen replied, embracing the Colonel.

“What?  Who told you that?  We’ve had no trouble here at Fort Red Bay.  Labradors are well pacified now – on the mainland and also on the islands.”

Aberdeen said “Baron Bancroft ordered us here.   He told King Angus that a fast ship brought a message from you crying for immediate help.”

Colonel Montgomery exclaimed “Cry?  Westies don’t cry.  Never, I reported no such thing.”

Aberdeen growled “That Baron Bancroft – I’m beginning to wonder whose side he is on, sending me and my younger sister, Princess Ainsley, across the sea here.”

“Princess Ainsley is here?  With you?” Colonel Montgomery said, wiping a paw and slicking down his hair

“No.  She landed on a separate ship across the sound at Newfoundland Island.  She is leading Scottie Team 3 to L’Anse Auxe Meadows.  We had word a regiment of Labradors was there.  At least that’s what the good Baron Bancroft reported,” Aberdeen sneered.  She continued “Scottie Team 6, move out to our ship.  Back to Scotland, I sense trouble apaw (2). ”

Aberdeen said to Colonel Montgomery “Colonel, send a runner across the sound to Princess Ainsley, and tell her this is a wild Labrador, or wild goose, chase.  Tell her to take her and her Scotties back to Scotland with all haste.”

“Gladly, Princess” said the Colonel. “In fact, I will deliver the message to the Princess personally,” he said as he sprayed breath mint spray into his mouth.

At that moment, it was mid afternoon in Scotland, 3200 Scots-Miles away.  King Angus The 33rd was standing behind a podium, bedecked in royal finery, about to deliver a much heralded speech to the assembled group of nobles, foreign emissaries, common people, and canine friends which would transform his Kingdom- and the world.  At that moment, the door to the Grand Royal Meeting Hall opened.



(1) Auditory Salvos is the military term for the word commonly known to civilians as a bark.

(2) Apaw is the word afoot in the hooman language

(3) 3200 Scot-Miles is about 3500 modern miles

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  1. Things are certainaly hotting up in the Legendary Lost City of the Scottie Kings. My behind is shifting from side to side on the chair . The excitement is palpable and the air is thick with anticipation. Roll on the next installment !!

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