The Legendary Lost City Of The Scottie Kings – Chapter 4

(Angus Fala Solving a Nina Ottosson Puzzle.  Pay Attention!  You will see this material again!)

This Chapter is dedicated to General Duncan Doolittle – a present day Scottie King who on Friday, April 14th, began his journey to the bridge and has now joined Angus Fala and the legendary Scottie Kings at the bridge. –  Captain Ainsley McKenna

Lord Vlad was ensconced in King Angus the 33rd’s Royal velvet robes while sitting on Angus’s royal chair in the Scottie King throne room.  He looked at his Husky subordinate officer and said “Major Wexford, tell me my evil dog, how is the torture of King Angus coming along? Has he told us where the treasure is yet?  it has been 90 days, I’m getting impatient.”

Major Wexford looked at Lord Vlad with his cold blue eyes and said “No sir, your Lordship.  These Scotties are tough critters.  Stoic AND stubborn.  He hasn’t broken.  The pain we have inflicted would break any other breed.  We even brought in his trusted staffer, a hooman named Catfer, and threatened to kill him if Angus didn’t talk, but all King Angus did was mumber “sympathy is for suckers” and he didn’t say another word.”

Lord Vlad sneered “Try torturiing something he truly loves.”

“Did that, sire.  We brought what Angus really loves – a green tennis ball.  He winced, but said nothing as we cut the ball up.”

Lord Vlad said “Tennis ball? What is this tennis you speak of?”

Major Wexford responded “Apparently it is a game in which you throw the ball and a dog goes and gets it.  Not as nearly as much fun as killing defenseless victims, in my opinion.”

Lord Vlad sneered “Truly.  The only thing wrong with Scotland is the Scotties.  How are our groups of mercenaries doing in the search for the castle?  Maybe they can find the treasure without King Angus’s cooperation?”

Major Wexford said “The Scottie Kings’ castle is truly extensive.  Thousands of rooms, labyrinth hallways.  We sent out a dozen expeditions of a hundred men each, and they have been gone 10 weeks surveying the castle, but we haven’t heard back from them yet.  I figure it will take a good 3 months to just count the rooms.”

Lord Vlad replied “Hmmmm. I don’t think we are going to get anything out of King Angus.  The treasure must be here somewhere.  We will just have to find it in our search.  Get rid of the King – and make sure all the subjects that we have not shipped back to Siberia for reeducation see his body, as a reminder to who is truly powerful.  Me!”

At that moment, nearly a mile away in the palace, in the King’s chambers, Angus was tied up, beaten, groggy yet stubborn and stoic.  His chambers, even though it had been defaced by the Husky hordes and Mercernary Soldiers, still was a very ornate suite of rooms.  On the floor behind the tied up King was a unique series of structures on the floor. A large white object looking like a dog bone, with two brown doors on either side on the floor, leading down.  The Huskies had tried to open the doors, thinking the treasure might be inside, but the doors were wedged into the white bone looking structure.

The captain of the Huskies torturerers, on the third shift, said to Angus, “Well, if you can hear me, King, you better talk, and talk now.  Cause you are a dead dog!” Then the captain giggled cruelly.

“I got something to say” Said Angus, hoarsely and lowly.

“Finally, you talk.  What is it, you royal fool?” sneered the Captain.

Angus said “Care to join us, Princess Aberdeen?” with his eyes looking to the upper corner of the room.

At that moment, all the torches in the room blew out, leaving the room in total darkness.

11 thoughts on “The Legendary Lost City Of The Scottie Kings – Chapter 4

  1. Enough torture!!! Hate torture.
    But yes stoic & stubborn – save the king!!!
    Call in the troops.
    Very exciting.


  2. Wow I almost missed this Pulitzer-worthy installment because your email comes to my VIP in-box!! Although this is not your first foray into the world of literature, it is by far your most note-worthy!!


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