The Legendary Lost City of The Scottie Kings – Chapter 5


Ainsley McKenna, Scientist, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Author


King Angus the 33rd was in pitch black darkness, though there were sounds all around him.  Sounds of fighting – sounds of pain – sounds of dying.  Then he heard a match strike, then a torch being lit – and through the orange glow the King saw his older sister, Princess Aberdeen, the commander of the elite fighting force Scottie Team 6.

“Just in time, sister.  Thank you.  Can you please untie me?” said Angus

With a blow from her sword, all the ropes tying Angus to the chair were cut.

“You okay, brother?” asked Princess Aberdeen.

“A little bruised and battered – but I will be better than my Husky torturers” said Angus, surveying the carnage surrounded him.  “You did that all yourself?  Where is the rest of your team?”

“They didn’t make it” said Princess Aberdeen with a far-away look in her brown Scottie eyes.  “There are thousands of enemy mercenaries with throats cut out there.  We took care of all of those that stayed to fight – but it cost me my 8 Scottie team-mates”

“True heroes, all of them.  Where are all the hoomans in my Kingdom?  Where is Scottie Team Force 3, with our sister, Princess Ainsley?  Have you heard from the main Scottie army, with General Duncan? And where are the Border Terrier guards?  What happened to them?” asked King Angus.  “Lord Vlad wouldn’t tell me, neither would his head henchhuskie, Colonel Wexford.  But I did learn that the Airedale Terriers defected to Lord Vlad’s army.  I was a fool to trust those English breed Airedales!”

Princess Aberdeen replied “We learned all the hoomans were relocated to Vlad’s Siberia Reeducation Camps.  I hear they are being forced to accept that no dog should lead a hooman.   They will probably believe it – hoomans are so feeble-minded” spat Aberdeen.  “Ainsley and her team were on the Island of Newfoundland – they weren’t on our ship, but I told Colonel Montgomery to contact her and tell her to return.  General Duncan’s main Scottie army, along with our Schnauzer allies, are bogged down in siege warfare on the plains of Prussia against our hated German Shepherd enemies. They will be here as soon as they can disengage, but they just can’t cut and leave our Schnauzer friends to fight alone.”

“And as far as the Border Terrier guarding the frontier of the Kingdom” Aberdeen continued “well, they were supplied by Lord Vlad with copious amounts of barrels of fermented puddle water.  You know, those Borders never could hold their drink – always slaves to their baser impulses, no sense of duty, those terriers.  Still drunk in their camps – oblivious to the disaster their slothfulness helped create…but shhhh!  I hear Huskies coming down the hall.”

Pawsteps were heard in the hall, approaching, with Siberian voices talking to each other.

Angus whispered “It’s Colonel Wexford and his elite guard.  We better go, and let’s come back and get the treasure when they leave.”

Princess Aberdeen pushed Angus out the back door leading to the North Wing of the Palace, and abruptly slammed and locked the door as Angus entered the hallway, leaving Aberdeen in the King’s Chambers, while Angus was on the other side of the solid wooden door.  Angus was alone in the dim hallway leading to the northern wing of the extensive palace.  Just a foot away from her brother was Princess Aberdeen, in the chambers while the Huskies were approaching from the hall leading to the Southern Wing of the Palace.   “Sorry, King.  All of my Scottie team members are gone.   You must be saved, and you must save the treasure, but I am a soldier first and foremost. It’s time Colonel Wexford received some good ol’  fashioned Scottie Team Six payback!  Hooyah!!!!” Aberdeen then yelled.  “Just one of us here, Colones Wexford!  You called for the storm and now you will reap the tornado!”

King Angus was stunned, and began banging on the door to be let in, so he could join his most trusted officer, a Princess, and his sister, about to fight against overwhelming odds against elite Husky Soldiers.  One Scottie soldier against many.  King Angus continued to bang on the door, screaming to be let in and join his sister, but on the other side of the door all he heard was growling, yelping, shrieking and…dying.

Eventually, after many hours, the door creaked opened.  A voice, not Princess Aberdeen’s, said “Come on in, King.  My Huskies are dead now, including my Colonel Wexford.  But you lost your sister. Just you and me now! Let’s finish this!”

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