Hey Kids! Let’s Play A Game of Low Intensity Asymetrical Warfare!

A little Game we played last night at Angus Manor

Game Conditions: I played the role of Russia, Ainsley played Ukraine, and the chewie that our friend Ficelle Scottie Terrier sent us got to play the role of a Geo-political Asset, in this case The Industrial Heartland of Eastern Ukraine.  Mama got to play the International Community, and Daddy, i.e. Catman, played the Mainstream Media, filming the whole thing.

Here’s how the game Works:

Me, playing Russia, tries to take the chewie, playing the role of Industrial Heartland of Eastern Ukraine, while Ainsley, playing Ukraine, tries to utilize said asset and at the same time keep me from taking it.  Because the Ukraine, i.e. Ainsley, knows she can’t win in open warfare, she has to move it while keeping the conflict low, and I try to take the asset, i.e. chewie, very low-key so I can avoid the condemnation of the International Community, i.e. Mama

Let’s Play the Game:

Looks like I, i.e Russia, lost, and didn’t get Eastern Ukraine, doesn’t it?  HAHA!  Jokes on you!  Once the Mainstream Media got bored and shut off the camera, (probably because the Kardeshians had a fight with Kanye or something), I took the asset, i.e Eastern Ukraine, i.e chewie, while Ainsley had to divert her attention to get a drink of water, i.e. tend to democratic needs that I, Russia, have no use of!  Mama, i.e the International Community, saw the whole thing but said nothing cause I didn’t revert to open warfare to take the asset, and besides, she doesn’t really want to upset me cause of my big bark, i.e Nuclear Weapons.

So once again, I win!

You might ask how come I didn’t get a chewie too, and only Ainsley had one.  Well, I did get one, but I already safely stored my asset in my heartland of the industrial area of Russia’s Ural Mountains.  (i.e – my stomach)

Family Game Night

Good Times today at Angus Manor.

My hooman sister was home from Oklahoma for the weekend, and my hooman cousin, who is at Bradley University, came to visit.  We played this game called Pandemic – which is about preventing a disease from destroying the world.  It’s a collaborative game, which means all the players play together for a common goal.  Personally, I like to go solo, cause I’m a loner – a rebel – but I guess this new-age touchy feely we are all in this together why can’t we all get along a stranger is a friend we haven’t met yet culture isn’t big on cut-throat throw that witch off the cliff and see if she flies capitalism.  Sigh.  Welcome to Obama’s America I suppose.

IMG_3901Above –  me and my cousin are conferring about our next move.  The epidemic is getting fierce in Asia.  Watch out my Scottie buddies Ruffles & Munchkin in Singapore!

IMG_3903Ruh Roh – above we fixed the epidimic is Asia, but now it is trying to get a foothold in Paris.  Watch out my friends Figaro and Arsene in France!

IMG_3899Crisis in Europe averted – but oh oh, what’s this?  A breakout in  Brazil!  Watch out Raica and Logan in Sao Paulo!

IMG_3904It was a near thing, but we managed to pull out it out on the last move of the game.  Your Welcome, World!  Me and my cousin Summer are engaging in a celebratory Stare-Off!

My Daily Thanksgiving Turkey!

Thanksgiving TurkeyIt has been 4 years ago this month when I was diagnosed with Cushings (technically, it is Atypical Cushings, but whose quibbling – symptoms are about the same, and most of the meds I take, Demamarin and Vetoryl, are about the same as well), so I say that I get my Thanksgiving Turkey everyday.

I love my personal chef, Mr. Carl Buddig, who creates the turkey that the staff wraps my pills in two times a day.  And it is Turkey and all the trimmings too – as long as your definition of trimmings includes Modified Food Starch, Potasium Lactate, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Caarageenan, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Nitrate, Natural Flavorings, and my personal favorite, Sodium Erythorbate.

It’s All Good to me, as long as none of those fancy chemicals include any vegetables!


Yesterday was a busy travel day for us.

About 1 pm we got loaded in Scottie Personnel Carrier (SPC-NONARMORED) along with my Daddy (i.e. Catman), Mama, and Hooman Grandpa and headed to the Chicago Airport.  Traffic there was terrific (and not in a good way).  We had a few minutes til hooman sis flight arrived at O’hare, so I had a brief pitstop at the tollway Oasis.

Angus Oasis 1I went to sleep while we went back in the SPC-NONARMORED to the airport, but woke up to a start with hundreds of people around the van, and I gave those people at the Arrivals section of Terminal 3 their Barking of a Lifetime.  We met Hooman Sis, and gave her a standard issue haven’t seen you in 6 months Scottie Greeting (Happy, tail wagging, but not crazy overboard in demonstrative affection – not as crazy drooling on you, jumping on you happy like a Golden Retriever greeting, but happier than a cat greeting).

Then on the way home we stopped at the Oasis again to get Hooman Sis some liquid hydration (why she didn’t travel with her standard issue canteen I don’t know).  We saw that WGN-TV was there with their mobile van, and there was a reporter with a cameraman there.  I asked if they wanted me to comment on the tragic events of Facebook deleting Pet Accounts, but they said they weren’t interested, they were there to talk about the traffic.  Typical biased mainstream media.

So Mama came back to the SPC-ARMORED(Seen here with Ainsley watching for threats to her, and we headed back west toward the Manor.

Ainsley Oasis 2But we didn’t go home just yet.  We stopped at Harry Carey’s, and while me and Ainsley stayed in the SPC-ARMORED, the hoomans got dinner.  But HOLY COW, they brought us some Filet Mignon.  Tell ya what, that bespectacled sportscaster sure knew how to fix a mean cow.

Finally, we got home, about 8 pm.  And this pic shows it was all worth the trouble.  It’s Hooman Sis, Ainsley and Me, from Left to Right.

Thanksgiving At HomeAnyway, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Sgt. Angus Fala



Good Day Cadets, take a paw, chew em if you got em, and listen up:

Some day soon you will have Scottie War Stories of your own too –

Today, I went outside, and it was a bit cold out.  So I was sitting outside in the snow, about 7 am, when it brought back old memories.

Bad memories, flashback memories –  of the tough cold Siberian Winters, when I was assigned to the Scottie 21st Illinois Regiment during the Scottie-Huskies War of 2008.  We were on the front, in November, in the snowy Siberian late Autumn – about 50 klicks north of Omsk, when a whole battalion of Siberian Huskies turned suddenly and lit into us.  I never will forget the sights and the sounds and the smells.  First the long range Acoustic Salvos (Barking to civilians) followed by low frequency short range acoustic warning sirens (that would be growls to the public) followed by Big Head Curdling screams, yelps, yips, and howls.  Before I knew it, an enemy soldier named Rex had me by the head.  Well, I gave as good as I took, but I took a pretty good wound to the head, and I was evacuated out of the front lines, (Still barking growling and snapping in the arms of my personal staff – I didn’t want to leave the battle) to an Animal Hospital behind the front.

Good Memories, Flashback Memories – There I was in a hospital in Vladivostok – and she was like a Northern Russian Vision – there she was, the most beautiful Russian Wolfhound Nurse I’ve ever seen.  Maybe it was the Toradol talking, but oh how I feel hard for my big Borzoi, with her long sloping muzzle, long coat, long silky brindle coat.  Her name was Pirat, that is Rover in Scottish – but it was not to be.  I was small, she was big, I was from Illinois, she was from Vologda, and I was neutered and she was spaded.

But I digress – sorry bout that.  But put a nip of November cold and snow in the air, and put a PBARCC (Polymer Based Attack Repellent Cranium Cover or Helmet to you civilians) on my head, and it takes this old soldier back.

Anyway, stay safe out there.

Sergeant Angus Fala

To Paraphrase the Late Great Robert Kennedy….


Some Scotties think about tearing into a bag of discarded food in the car and ask “Why,” I see a bag of discarded food in the car and ask, “Why Not?”

Or in the the words of Julius Caesar’s dog – Carpe Garbage – That’s Seize the Garbage for those of you who skipped Latin in Obedience School.  A personal motto that has served me well for 13 1/2 years.

I ACTUALLY Read the Wizard of Oz today!

photo (13)

A Gray Saturday at Angus Manor, so I’ve decided to catch up on some reading.

I’ve watched the Wizard of Oz on TV many times, but today, I decided to actually read the Wizard of Oz.  WOW!  They really took some liberties with the movie!


That Dorothy was actually a Scottie names ANGUS and lived in Illinois?

The house that Angus was in landed in Vertically Challenged Land, and landed on the Wicked Witch of the East

Angus took the Ruby Red USB 16 GB Thumbdrive from the neck of the Wicked Witch of the East, and the Wicked Witch of the West, who watched everything via spyware installed on the thumbdrive, swore vengeance!

On the way to Oz to see the Wizard, Angus was joined by another Scottie named Ainsley, who wanted a brain, by Catman, who needed courage, and by Lord Zuckerberg, WHO NEEDED A HEART!

They finally made it to Oz but was disappointed – because it turns out the Wizard was a fraud, and was actually only a technical support agent from India, whose only suggestion was to unplug and plug back in the device.