Good Day Cadets, take a paw, chew em if you got em, and listen up:

Some day soon you will have Scottie War Stories of your own too –

Today, I went outside, and it was a bit cold out.  So I was sitting outside in the snow, about 7 am, when it brought back old memories.

Bad memories, flashback memories –  of the tough cold Siberian Winters, when I was assigned to the Scottie 21st Illinois Regiment during the Scottie-Huskies War of 2008.  We were on the front, in November, in the snowy Siberian late Autumn – about 50 klicks north of Omsk, when a whole battalion of Siberian Huskies turned suddenly and lit into us.  I never will forget the sights and the sounds and the smells.  First the long range Acoustic Salvos (Barking to civilians) followed by low frequency short range acoustic warning sirens (that would be growls to the public) followed by Big Head Curdling screams, yelps, yips, and howls.  Before I knew it, an enemy soldier named Rex had me by the head.  Well, I gave as good as I took, but I took a pretty good wound to the head, and I was evacuated out of the front lines, (Still barking growling and snapping in the arms of my personal staff – I didn’t want to leave the battle) to an Animal Hospital behind the front.

Good Memories, Flashback Memories – There I was in a hospital in Vladivostok – and she was like a Northern Russian Vision – there she was, the most beautiful Russian Wolfhound Nurse I’ve ever seen.  Maybe it was the Toradol talking, but oh how I feel hard for my big Borzoi, with her long sloping muzzle, long coat, long silky brindle coat.  Her name was Pirat, that is Rover in Scottish – but it was not to be.  I was small, she was big, I was from Illinois, she was from Vologda, and I was neutered and she was spaded.

But I digress – sorry bout that.  But put a nip of November cold and snow in the air, and put a PBARCC (Polymer Based Attack Repellent Cranium Cover or Helmet to you civilians) on my head, and it takes this old soldier back.

Anyway, stay safe out there.

Sergeant Angus Fala