Game Night!


Me, Ainsley, and Mr Bear played scottie scrabble last night. As you can see, I won of course.  All the words on the board are mine. Ainsley didn’t get a single point, and Mr Bear, though he got on the board first, has quite the limited vocabulary and only scored one word.

They say this game is hard.  I didn’t find in very hard.  I had no trouble at all using my “Z” as you can tell.  Perhaps next time I need a more worthy adversary. Maybe Uncle Bob or Mama next time?

11 thoughts on “Game Night!

    1. yes…mama has her degree in English, and Uncle Bob is a retired Speech teacher who does 3 or 4 Chicago Tribune Crossword puzzles on Sunday, each and every Sunday. Finally a worthy adversary for the likes of me…unlike these 2 mopes, Mr. Bear and Ainsley


  1. I won’t play for money ! As CEO of AFWWE, your pockets are too deep for me. Any player can get rid of a “Z”. The real challenges is a “Q”. Uncle Bob


  2. Angus I think you are playing with fire if you want to take on Mama or Uncle Bob. What if you first start with Catman and Aunt Judy first. Are they not a better bet first?


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