Angus Little Red Book – Sucker Edition

2 Years Ago, I embarked on a huge project.  I took the 5 volume original set of Angus’s Little Red Book and decided to condense it into an abridged, very readable, picture book form.  Click on the link and you will see my efforts in pdf form:

Angus Little Red Book

The original book was in paper form – and is far superior to this pdf version.  Some of you requested the book in 2016, and I sent it to you.  But not all of you had the opportunity to learn from the missives of the Sergeant, so here it is in pdf form.  Regretfully, I cannot seen you the paper book version as it is out of print.

Do me a favor though – please don’t read it in your browser.  The best experience is save teh pdf to your computer, and then open it in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.  It looks more like the book that way.


Ainsley McKenna

November 11, 2018

13 thoughts on “Angus Little Red Book – Sucker Edition

  1. So glad to be apprised of the opportunity to experience this well illustrated missive. Looking forward to future publications.Thanks for sharing, Little Sis.


  2. Thank you! I know I will love it…….printed & ready to read! I miss you Angus! I talk to Kim Wincapaw almost every week – she misses you too!


  3. Thank you so much for this copy of Angus Little Red Book – Sucker Edition. I have downloaded and saved it.Best wishes from Cairnsmore Scotties and staff


  4. Good Day Ainsley, I would like to place on record that my email address will alter at the end of November 2018. New email address will be . Thanks and sending best wishes for all at the Manor and not forgetting those at The Aunt Judy Inn.


  5. The best book ever… I have the good fortune to have received it … But, it’s a very good idea to have it in this version as the book can be read on its computer … Thank you so much Ainsley and the Staff…

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