Hello Everyone.

Sorry I have not posted to my diary here this weekend.  I’ve been busy.  Incognito, if you will.

I got a call from the head guy in the big house.  Can’t tell you exactly who – but let’s just call him Barry O.  He said, and I quote:

“Angus with your Disguises so Bright – Won’t you be my top secret spy tonight?”

So of course I had to say yes.  Flattery and treats will get you everywhere with me.

So there I was, dropped in a undisclosed country (Can’t tell you where, but I will give you a hint – it rhymes with “Korth Norea”) in a High Altitude Low Opening Scottie Parachute.  It’s a highly regimented, police state country, so I had to rely on my full array of disguises.  See below.

Can’t tell you the outcome of my mission.  Let’s just say though – Enjoy the Movies.

Sgt. Angus Fala