Dear troops:

A pretty uneventful weekend.   Though the weather was nice, no enemies sighted.   We did see, several times, the golden across the street – and though PFC Ainsley is convinced he is the antichrist,  as 99.9% of Goldens go, he is friendly or at the least benign. 

Also today we encountered a cream color golden doodle.  Not hostile.  And we received auditory salvos from the mutt a block over – but we didn’t bother to return fire.  That dog is just nutz.

So tonight ended our frequent patrols.  As the pic shows,  I’m heading in. But Mr Bear promises to maintain his vigil. It’s helpful his creator did not give him eyelids – it makes him an excellent sentry.

Til tomorrow – Hooyah!  Sgt Angus Fala