So mama goes off today to Bloomington to see a theatrical re-release of her favorite movie star, Cary Grant, and one of her favorite movies,  North by Northwest. 


The roads got unexpectedly icy – wrecks and ditched cars everywhere – so she has to spend the night overnight in Bloomington! 

That means Ainsley & I are in the care of Catman and his 2 stoopid cats! A nightmare of Hitchcockian proportions!
Now we are In the basement watching his favorite movie star, Liam Neeson,  and one of his favorite movies, Taken 2!!!


Please call Scottie Rescue – and not the scottie rescue that consists of  kindly people with foster scotties and adoptions and good hearts – but the Scottie Rescue that consists of tattoo adorned Scottish Terriers, chomping cigars and wearing  kevlar vests while riding in to my rescue on black hawk helicopters and  high caliber weaponry!


Me on the couch, Ainsley on the floor, studiously avoiding looking at Liam Neeson