7 Things You Don’t know about me

My Scottie friend in England, The Barony Of MacDonald Low-bro, asked that I report on 7 things that might not be commonly known about me.  That has been tough – cause my life has been an open book and an open website, as reported on angusfala.com.  But here goes.

1. I’m a giver not a taker.  I give commands, I don’t take commands.  I give orders, I don’t take orders.  I give out punishment.  I don’t take punishment.

2.  I used to be a ball obsessed Scottie.  Until I was about 10 or so, I only wanted to play with the ball.  That’s it.  I’ve slowed down a lot – and since then I have met other ball obsessed Scotties.  Bee Bee Bruch is ball obsessed, and also Lucy…about like I used to be

Toy Gone
– from 5 or 6 years ago. I’m looking for a ball I dropped. I never found it though, unfortunately. –

3. I used to love to observe gravity.  I was known for going to this nature park, taking my tennis ball to a drop into the creek, and then dropping the ball into the creek.  Then I would obsess with going in the water and trying to find the ball (that’s what I’m doing here, in this 5 year old picture).  I also would take my balls to bed, and drop them in the little space between the headboard and the wall, and then bark because I couldn’t get the ball anymore.  Mama used to LOVE that…he hee.

4.  I have grown comfortable with my Scottie sister Ainsley.  We don’t sit around in a bit Scottie ball, and I don’t act happy to see her when she comes home, but I don’t actively hate her, and rarely implement the zone of hostility anymore.

5. I don’t like traveling that much.  About once or twice a week I go on car rides, but I usually sleep in the back.  Unlike Ainsley – who loves to go on a car ride.

6. I can still get around for a Scottie of nearly 14.  I can, when I want to, give out a burst of energy.  But I can’t outrun anyone anymore.

7.  I am nearly deaf.  Not Scottie I can’t pay attention to you, but I can’t really hear very good out of my big ears anymore.
So that’s 7 things you may not know about me.

20 thoughts on “7 Things You Don’t know about me

  1. I love your ball chasing videos, especially playing soccer! I never quite perfected the Westie version, but I do chase balls (when I feel like it) but NEVER bring them back…(called making the hoomans fetch). How old is Ainsley anyway? Remember the day she joined your family…. You modeled how to handle a goofy little sister that attacks the TV — I knew just what to do when KENZIE showed up…. You are now the perfect, experienced leader we need to restore optimism and prosperity to the nation…. The Ronald Reagan of our generation. Barney would be proud! The Westie Nation stands ready to support your administration.

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    1. Ainsley turned 5 on December 29th. Make sure you Set up that Zone Of Hostility from the getgo. Lots of dogs make the mistake of wanting to play with the new puppy. That’s a bad mistake. Stay Hostile


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