This Weekend, Catman decided me and Mama needed a break from our thinking about Angus, so we headed to Chicago and stayed at the Waldord Astoria!

360Thursday Night – Bath Night.  Mama said if I am going to be suitable for parading through the lobby at the waldorf with all those luxury car driving 1 percenter purebreds, I needed to look and smell my best.


Friday Drive in was tiring…but I still look by resting on the window sill of the car, making sure my nose is firmly pressed into the window glass. Mama loves it when I do that!!!

370366Catman splurged on me and Mama, and got a suite (it is amazingly cheap this weekend – the hotel must not have been very full).  The first place I go to is to check out the view.


Resting with Mama waiting for….

379ROOM SERVICE!  2 Ribeye Steaks please, Garcon!  Tut Tut, and Step on it!

385I didn’t get to eat both entrees though.  So when begging, why sit when laying down will do?


To the Theater!  Mama saw this play called “Dear John Hughes.”  They didn’t let me in to see it though.

395Instead, it was time to go back to the room.  I watched Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Penny and all the gang on the TV.  Though I didn’t really do much watching.  I was tired!


The pack is broken apart, Catman.  Let’s go back and get Mama!

409Saturday Morning, we went on a loooooooooooooooong walk.  Here I am in a city park!

2015 February Route WalkingHere is my Route!

464Saving the best for last, we met up with Princess Peyton, Handsome Jack, and a Scottie I’ve never met before…Judy!  Here, from left, is Peyton, Jack and me giving these geese the Scottie Scare of a lifetime!


455Judy, me, Peyton and Jack on the shores of Lake Michigan


Judy, me, Peyton and Jack overlooking Diversey Marina.  Jack admiring the city skyline – or maybe just looking for geese.


What A Day!  Still have to do my duty and ride shotgun on the way home!

Let’s do it again next weekend, Mama!