Weekend at the Waldorf! by Ainsley


This Weekend, Catman decided me and Mama needed a break from our thinking about Angus, so we headed to Chicago and stayed at the Waldord Astoria!

360Thursday Night – Bath Night.  Mama said if I am going to be suitable for parading through the lobby at the waldorf with all those luxury car driving 1 percenter purebreds, I needed to look and smell my best.


Friday Drive in was tiring…but I still look by resting on the window sill of the car, making sure my nose is firmly pressed into the window glass. Mama loves it when I do that!!!

370366Catman splurged on me and Mama, and got a suite (it is amazingly cheap this weekend – the hotel must not have been very full).  The first place I go to is to check out the view.


Resting with Mama waiting for….

379ROOM SERVICE!  2 Ribeye Steaks please, Garcon!  Tut Tut, and Step on it!

385I didn’t get to eat both entrees though.  So when begging, why sit when laying down will do?


To the Theater!  Mama saw this play called “Dear John Hughes.”  They didn’t let me in to see it though.

395Instead, it was time to go back to the room.  I watched Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Penny and all the gang on the TV.  Though I didn’t really do much watching.  I was tired!


The pack is broken apart, Catman.  Let’s go back and get Mama!

409Saturday Morning, we went on a loooooooooooooooong walk.  Here I am in a city park!

2015 February Route WalkingHere is my Route!

464Saving the best for last, we met up with Princess Peyton, Handsome Jack, and a Scottie I’ve never met before…Judy!  Here, from left, is Peyton, Jack and me giving these geese the Scottie Scare of a lifetime!


455Judy, me, Peyton and Jack on the shores of Lake Michigan


Judy, me, Peyton and Jack overlooking Diversey Marina.  Jack admiring the city skyline – or maybe just looking for geese.


What A Day!  Still have to do my duty and ride shotgun on the way home!

Let’s do it again next weekend, Mama!

32 thoughts on “Weekend at the Waldorf! by Ainsley

  1. What great pictures of your Chicago getaway. We are particularly find of the picture of you and Mom with the billboard in the back. You are very photogenic.
    We know Judy and her Mom and Dad and met them a couple of times. Did Judy tell you the story of when she was dog napped? Tail Raising!!! Maybe one year you might come to the Scottie Rally and meet a bunch of Scots. Whatever, we are always ready for a Meet and Growl at your place.

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  2. Yippe Ainsley…or rather, Aroo, Ainsley! You are hatched as your authentic self! What a great idea Mama and Catman had, and add in some pals….BINGO! Xxxxx M&SB

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  3. what are wonderful weekend and a terrific way to pamper yourself Ainsley! I’m glad you and your hoomans got to go out and good time at the Waldorf. I didn’t see any ice cream and boiled eggs and so Angus would not approve altogether otherwise it looks like great deal of fun…

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    1. I didn’t know about the boiled egg theme for Saturday til I saw all the posts. I should have gotten one from room service, but we got Chick Fil instead. Catman said he blew all his room service budget on the 2 ribeye steak dinners Friday night. I told him not to get that broccoli!

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  4. WOW…now thats a weekend fit for a Scottie……….As the new Chief Executive of Angus Fala Worldwide (Ahhh…make that….Anisley Worldwide) you are working right into the life of luxury…and well deserved!

    The Mad Scots

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  5. What a nice get away weekend! What fun to meet Scottie friends. A walk in a real city park – wow – the ducks sound exciting. A good weekend for you all. Look forward to your next adventure.

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  6. It made my heart smile to read about you hitting ChiTown! Glad you had a nice trip! Maybe being any only child getting ALL the attention and living the good life with trips and steaks and buddies to visit will help heal your heart!

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  7. Great pictures Ainsley;glad you had a great time. Silby and Kira had a great time in 2006 at the Ritz Carleton, so much so that they wanted to ride the elevator over and over so they could show themselves off to the patrons in the lobby. Little hams. You’d have liked them, I bet.

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  8. Lynne had let Judy out in their fenced back yard. Not 5 minutes had gone by, when Lynne went to check Judy was gone. No breeches in the fence and the gate was locked. Judy and Gary and friends walked the neighborbhood calling for her for several days. Lynne notified all police departments, vets, animal services, in a several mile area. Lynne said she had heard their were missing dogs in the area where she lived. Judy is a very small Scottie and if you were observing from a distance you might think she was a pup. So Judy was snatched out of her yard. We believe that upon a closer look the nappers realized their mistake and let Judy go. She was found a distance away and turned into the police department who had her info and called Lynne. Judy was returned home and she was just fine except for her collar which was missing. All’s well that ends well.


  9. Ainsley what a wonderful weekend getaway for you and your hoomans. You all needed a break I’m sure and deserved to be treated like the royalty you are. I hope you bit the guy who said you looked like a walking broom. You are beautiful!

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  10. You got to stay in a hotel!!!! And got room service, woohoo!!!!!
    Why can’t all hotels be so doggie friendly!
    Looks like you had a great weekend
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  11. We are so sorry for your loss. We read about you in Susie and Sidebites blog. Your trip looked like a lot of fun. Sidney is not happy in the car, but Shelby and Sophie are fine with trips. Come visit us at corkscot@wordpress.com. We are three wild and crazy Scotties.


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