Happy May 5th!

It is my brother Angus’s birthday today!  He turns 14 at the Rainbow Bridge today.

I was feeling pretty morose Sunday night, and looking at some old Facebook Videos…and came across this one from April 17, 2014.   I had forgotten all about it, but I really liked this one.

Angus got his Cushings meds wrapped in turkey twice a day.  And to make sure all the turkey didn’t taste like meds, the hoomans would give him a slice or two with no meds.  Hence Angus’s Festively Plump appearance (at least before the Lymphoma took hold late last year).

Also, notice how tormented I am.  I really want the turkey, but because of 4 years of living under Angus’s Patented Zone of Hostility, I wouldn’t dare overstep my place and take the turkey off his back!

I miss my brother.  But I don’t miss being 2nd in line when it comes to begging.