An Uncle Comes to the Manor

A visitor to Angus Manor this week.  Uncle Stuart, who lives in Orlando (that’s a suburb of DisneyWorld, in case you don’t know). 

Uncle Stuart is a school teacher – teaching art to K- 5th graders.

He had been on the go for the past few days traveling – so yesterday we chilled at the manor.


I don’t think he approves of my standard military issue of a PBARCC (polymer based attack Repellent Cranium cover) and googles. He is giving me that teacher’s look. Just imagine what his facial expression would be if he noticed the cat was drinking his water!

14 thoughts on “An Uncle Comes to the Manor

  1. Is this the Uncle that arranged the Scottie art over the sofa? Did he yuck out his water after cat incident? Did he give Angus Manor a 5 * rating? Questions, questions, always questions…..

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  2. That is so funny !! Here’s Uncle all prim and proper. Here’s Ainsley trying to be on her best behaviour and here’s Lily doing what should only be called a photo bomb !! High five paw bump Lily !!

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  3. He is from Florida….he doesn’t understand much, especially the responsibilities of a high ranking Scottie. And the Fashing Kitteh has finally done something worth remembering!

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