Aunt Judy Inn Resort and Spa

Greetings All!

I’ve been busier than the proverbial 1 legged Scottie in a Siberian Husky’s butt kicking contest, so I haven’t written lately.  Last week, Mama went to the Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Mayo Clinic to see about her headaches,and I had reservations at the Aunt Judy Inn Resort and Spa.

The meal preparation is excellent – and if for some reason, you have trouble working up an appetite, the artwork on the way to the dining room will really get the ol’ digestive juices flowing!


Painting I pass by on my way to the dining room

So the first night, I dined on a main course of lamb:


Baa Baa Delicious Sheep, have you any more meat???

And followed it with dessert that included my late brother Angus’s favorite, VANILLA ICE CREAM!

Dessert 2

Then the next day, for lunch, I dined on Lamb and Chicken Crunchies:

Dinner 2

So I heartily recommend Aunt Judy Inn Resort and Spa…HOWEVER…I had to deduct a star, because midway through my visit, Aunt Judy bathed me, gave me a pawdicure, and then brushed me!  I noted my displeasure in my comment card, and my Yelp Yelp Yelp Review.  However, afterwards, I did look good when relaxing on the front veranda.

Ainsley watchubf

Well, that is it for now….I will try to write again soon.  But first, where is that Siberian Husky?  I still have more butts to kick!

Ainsley McKenna