My Apologies to the Irish*

*Irish Setters that is

My hoomans are Scottie people, with one caveat.  Mama does love Golden Retrievers, and we’ve had three.  Mama’s best friend, Deb, the author, on the other hand, is an Irish Setter person.  I believe she has had 5 of them.  Right now she has two – Conner, and Jamie.

Mama has been friends with Deb for 25 years – and me and my late great brother Angus, have been friends with her Irish Setters too.  And I got plenty of pictures to prove it..

Here is Angus, in 2009, romping with Conner in the backyard of Deb’s House….2009 Sept 12 Angus Conner

Here I am late last month, stopping at the Irish Setter’s house on my way to Oklahoma:

ainsley and jamie and conner 2-26-2016 10-47-33 AM

See -we got along well.  That is we got along well, BG.  Before George.

So Deb and her daughter, Sarah, were going to come and visit us last weekend and stay several days.  Catman said “why don’t you bring your Irish Setters, Conner and Jamie?  George would love to see them!”

Deb said,”Are you sure?”

Catman:  “Sure, they will get around great.  George just a little puppy!”

Stoopid stoopid Catman.

As soon at the Irish Setters entered the Ainsley Institute, they were hounded, relentlessly, by one George Kerby.

george and irish setters 3-19-2016 11-07-09 AM

George would jump on them, try to grab their skirts, their lips, and try to grab their….well, I don’t think I can say what he tried to grab on a family oriented blog.  See the full grown adult Irish Setter running away from the 12 pound puppy.

We even made a video of George playing, while the Setters are trying to run for their lives:

So they came here on Friday, by Saturday night, the Irish Setters had packed their bags and were ready to go home.  So Catman, since he was the responsible party in the first place, offered to drive them 2 hours to Springfield, Illinois, about half way to their house, where the Irish Setter’s Daddy met him and took them on home.  And Conner & Jamie were happy, HAPPY, to leave.  I know this for a fact, because I accompanied them on their farewell trip, trying to apologize on behalf of Golden brother.

irish setters in car going home 3-20-2016 10-38-33 AM

So on behalf of me, Mama, Lily and Herman the cats, Catman, and Mr. Bear – we apologize, Conner & Jaimie, for the actions of my demon brother.  Maybe you can come visit us again someday – when George is grown up, and we have hired a priest to do an exorcism on him or sumthing.

Again, sorry guys – but not all is lost…I did get one good picture out of the visit – me, George, Conner and Jamie.

group shot adjusted 3-19-2016 11-31-14 AM




12 thoughts on “My Apologies to the Irish*

  1. That looks a bit like when Mom’s granddog Zoey comes to visit. Except she is the Golden and we are the Irish. You know it will be at least 5 years before GK has some calm in him don’t you?

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  2. They are beautiful dogs. And to their everlasting credit and good breeding, they didn’t try to get back at George…he must have thought they were Amazon Gods ! That was very sweet of Catman and you, to help get them home so the Mama’s could visit. Who knew?

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great pictures! Jamie and Conner are beautiful! Mr. Bear looks like he had really tied one on in that last picture though! Was he just tired trying to keep up with GK? 😍

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  4. I’ve been missing reading blogs, and this is a perfect example of what I’ve been missing — I had no idea George had joined the Ainsley Institute, CONGRATS on the newest member!! I watched all the videos, and caught up, and I think you can see him growing if you look really closely! It was easy to see that those Irish Setters needed a vacation! But I’m glad he’s settling in, and being shown the ropes. What a fun addition — Goldens and Scotties go so good together, don’t they? 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. oh yes….my staff has had a Scottie and a Golden from 1993 to 2008, and my late great brother Angus, who loved his Golden Sister Lady like no other dog, says they make wonderful sidekicks to our Scottie will. Very tolerant and willing to do our bidding with no backbark.

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  5. Oh dear me Ainsley and all at the Institute, you have a HUGE job ahead of you to train the little monster. On the other hand though, you can’t help by love his cute little face……so innocent.

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