We Almost Lost Ainsley Today

So, Catman (aka Daddy) – takes Ainsley to work with him.  I stayed home, per my usual Modus Operandi.  Ainsley, Catman, Hooman Uncle, Hooman Grandpa, and another dude drive around a bit, to McDonald’s of course, and comes back to the work, leaving Ainsley in the Van (aka Angus Mobile), about 4:20 pm.  Then, about 6:30 pm, Catman leaves work, goes out to the parking lot, and hooman uncle, who is getting in his car, remarks that Catman’s van, (aka Angus Mobile) has its side door open.


Catman immediately rushes to the van, afraid, and expecting to find an empty van, with Ainsley gone.   A door left open, for who knows how long, and a 4 year old Scottie, of course she’s gone, maybe forever, maybe hit by a car, who knows what, right?  Well, the door was indeed open, wide open, but Ainsley was still inside the van, just sitting in the driver’s seat.


Don’t know how it happened…don’t know when it happened.  That van, a Chrysler, has had crazy electrical problems before…windows that roll open, windshield wipers that quit working, headlights that stop working, radios that go dark…all sorts of crazy things.  And the doors are electrical – and can be open from a little button on the remote control.  So we don’t know if maybe the door was opened by accidentally pressing the button just minutes before Catman went outside, or if had been open for hours by some crazy random electrical glitch.  All we know is we are all amazed that crazy Ainsley didn’t make a break toward freedom, like she did a couple of years ago when a fence gate was accidentally left open.


Anyway, everything is ok.  Pic below is tonight, after the almost tragic events, with Ainsley watching the “Amazing Race,”, one of her favorite TV Shows.  A show about travelling – which is funny, since she had her chance to do some travelling today and didn’t take it.


Staff says they won’t let us stay in the van anymore, and it will be traded in – soon. Ainsley TV


14 thoughts on “We Almost Lost Ainsley Today

    1. I told her she can’t leave Angus Worldwide until I get the pleasure of terminating her, and having security escort her out of the building! None of this sneaking away business.


  1. This stinks of an Angus covert operation that failed either due to Ainsley’s understanding of such and skill in spotting a red herring.. Or she was in Angus Words ” too stoopid” to grasp the opportunity.. That appeared to present itself😂😂😂😂

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  2. Catman would have had to do an Amazing Race to get away from Mama’s wrath if Ainsley had gone missing. What a heart stopper discovery that must have been when Catman realized the door to the van was open.

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  3. Ok…heres the poop….Ainsley is smarter than you think….she put her paw on that door open button………..then she just sat there waiting to seen the peeps go nuts……..yep thats the story and we stand by it!

    The Mad Scots

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